Visual- Spagettitacosforthesoul

0:00  The video starts off with a straightforward camera view of a group of people of all age ranges, laughing, talking, and sitting at a dining room table outside on a nice day. The table is angled so you can see the entire length of the table and the people sitting on the other side of it. On this table is a wide variety of foods, consisting of chips, salsa, sandwiches, pudding, and fruits. Foods that you are able to pick up and eat. There’s a couple standing up at the middle of the table holding platters so it’s safe to assume that they’re hosting a bbq for family and friends. In the background, you can see children splashing and playing in a kiddie pool, a fire pit, and maybe some teenagers taking pictures in front of pink decorations I can’t identify. The mood is very positive, happy, and uplifting 

0:02 as the video progresses the scene stays the same but the camera slowly moves forward focusing on the couple as they look directly at the camera. And everyone else around them is focused on the conversations of the other characters, not looking at the camera or their heads facing its direction. Besides the (grandma) older lady at the end of the table, she’s enjoying her shishkabob. 

0:04 the scene changes and the view is angled closely on a round-shaped BBQ grill. The camera is still in slow motion and isn’t directly on top of the grill but it’s almost at a 30-degree angle from a front view. The grill is cooking shish kabobs, ham, and corn. And in the background, you can slightly see some chairs but the view is blurred. 

0:06 the scene is changed again and you can see a glass lemonade jug with a dispenser. A hand with painted white nails and a red bracelet is pouring the lemonade into a glass cup. The camera is angled forward-looking more directly at the jugs dispenser in the corner of the screen. The table with the food is blurred in the background and now it seems like the angel of the table is long as if you were sitting at the head of the table and looking forward. The camera is moving forward to the food as the camera is unfocused from the jug and focuses on the food. 

0:08 the scene changes again to a different table with a black cloth. There are lamps on each end of the table so it’s safe to assume that we’re now inside, possibly in a dining room. The table is decorated with stars hanging from the table and glitter on the top. There is a stand that looks like a half-yellow styrofoam ball with marshmallows, strawberries, and honey melon shish kabobs shaped like rocket ships coming out of it. There’s a cupcake stand with light blue cupcakes in dark blue wrappers, And blue jello cups on top of the table as well. In the background, there are different colored balls in different positions behind the table trying to replicate the planets, and a galaxy decorated backdrop that says “Feliz cumpleanos” that’s a happy birthday in Spanish. And confetti dropping from the sky that’s in all angels of the camera. 

0:10 the scene changes and we see a young girl with long brown wavy hair. She’s wearing metallic ears with no designated shape, but she is wearing a metallic dress that resembles a space costume from the 80s. There are two blue dots in between her eyebrows so she’s probably dressed as a fashionable alien. Next to her is a child wearing a traditional Mexican wrestling costume and they are clapping their hands. And on the other side of the alien girl is another regular-looking young lady with no costume also clapping her hands. They’re all clapping because the alien girl is blowing out candles from a rocket-shaped cake with stars, planets, and rocket candles on top. The camera angle is focused on the alien girl as if an adult is looking at her from above but doesn’t pan out too far because you can only see two children on each side of her. 

0:12 the scene changes to a frontward view of a group of people. The group is now inside flooding every corner of the room. We can tell the day has changed because the original group of people is in the view but their clothes have changed. There aren’t as many adults as before but more kids. And everyone is surrounding the birthday girl. And the birthday girl has her back facing away from the camera as well as the two other children from the previous slide. Same as before the group of people are not looking at the camera. But the couple is, and it’s safe to assume they’re celebrating their daughter’s birthday. All of the kids have costumes on, and there’s an abundant amount of birthday supplies all around the room. You can also see the “Feliz cumpleanos” backdrop on the back right side of the screen. The mood is still very happy and uplifting, still clapping. 

0:16 the scene has changed drastically and what was once a happy uplifting video is not. The camera is now in black and white. The camera is in the middle of a road in a residential area capturing a falling telephone pole. Overall the mood is gloomy now zooming outward 

0:17 the scene has changed but the camera is still in B&w. The mood is still gloomy. It’s now located near a large body of water. Possibly the ocean because the wave is splashing up on the road. Causing it to flood. There are possibly industrial buildings in the background of this scene. But the main focus is the flood on the road. 

0:19 the scene has changed, the camera is still in B&W. It’s now in the middle of the woods. Capturing the image of wildfires spread across the burning grass and multiple skinny trees. 

0:21 the scene has changed and the camera is in the view over someone’s shoulder looking at their phone. The words are in Spanish of an article but the word that sticks out the most in bold is “alertas de emergencia” which is emergency alerts in Spanish. And on the left side of the screen then it states “sign up for local alerts”

0:24 the scene has changed and it’s panning across the table as if the camera is on the ceiling looking downward. As the camera goes across the table you see a variety of items including water, cotton balls in a ziplock, money in a ziplock, bandaids in a Ziploc, medicine, tape, and flashlights. Another statement pops up next to “sign up for local alerts” and it states “prepare an emergency kit” 

0:25 the scene changes focusing on a person checking off things from a piece of paper on a clipboard. The camera angles seem to be at a child’s height looking at a list from someone’s side. The top of the list says”suministros de emergencias” meaning supplies for an emergency. In the background, you can see a variety of blurred tools so it’s safe to assume the person is in a garage. Next to “prepare an emergency kit” another statement appeared saying “make a communications plan”

0:27 the scene has changed, we’re now in a garage because you can see tools hanging on the wall on the right side of the screen. The original couple is focused towards the middle looking at the camera. But there is also the young girl with long wavy hair, a young boy, and an older man and woman and it’s safe to assume that they are grandparents. They’re now all looking at the camera in different places around the room surrounding the table with supplies, including the waters, bandages, medicine. The grandfather is holding the supplies list, and the woman, a part of the young couple, is holding the phone. Probably looking at the emergency alerts article. The mood isn’t happy, not sad. But comforting like you’re a part of a family. 

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