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1. Heroin in Vancouver

Background: This article serves as the primary source for the debate of heroin in Vancouver. It offers a description of the program as well as detailing why it occurred in the first place, citing drug violence in the city as a cause. It also offers multiple viewpoints and leaves bread crumbs to other articles deeper in the topic.

How I Used It: This article will be used as the introduction to the problem at hand. It will essentially serve as a baseplate for the rest of the argument to be built off of.

2. 2009 Giving Heroin to Heroin Addicts

Background: This article talks about programs similar to the one being instituted in Vancouver and how they’ve fared over the years. Specifically, it addresses cases in Britain and how they have concluded a four-year trial which resulted in mixed results of positivity and negativity. It is pro-heroin clinics.

How I Used It: Since the article is pro-clinics, this serves as a counterargument piece for my paper.

3. Heroin Downsides

Background: One of the more negative articles, this provides with multiple cases, especially the one on Cherie, where the InSite heroin clinics have caused a notable negative impact on society. She was a heroin addict, and the easy access to the drug led her to becoming more dependent on it, the exact opposite effect that it should have.

How I Used It: This article supports my argument entirely, leading it to be used heavily in my argument against the program. The fact that it details a specific case where the heroin clinic program has gone completely wrong will serve as very solid evidence for my case.

4. Methadone Debate

Background: This article also offers the stance of anti-heroin programs, citing the use of methadone as a substitute in the past. It details how methadone was rather ineffective, not solving the drug problem but rather making it stagnant if not worse.

How I Used It: This article is used in support of the one above as it also finds itself anti-InSite. Also, it could be used as a counter to a counterargument, as it takes something that could be proposed as a solution to the problem and refutes it effectively.

5. Four Pillars

Background: This is sourced directly from the city of Vancouver’s website and is factual information regarding the Four Pillars group. It talks about their approach to dealing with drug problems in large scale.

How I Used It: A good source for information, this site will allow me to make direct counterarguments toward the motives of the Four Pillars group, using outside examples to support them.

6. Addicts Soon to Receive Prescription Heroin

Background: This is a news article from the Globe and Mail discussing the heroin treatment program in Vancouver. It talks about the implementation of the program and how the federal Health Minister objects to the program.

How I Used It: Rona Ambrose is on my side, stating that the program is illogical and out of hand. She is a credible source (ethos) for my argument.

7. Drug Addiction Treatment

Background: This is a basic information source from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It talks about what an addiction treatment is, and what the common methods of accomplishing it are.

How I Used It: It essentially serves as a baseline when talking about addiction treatment in the form of the program, most notably in the discussion of whether treatment is “curing” or “managing” the addiction. Since the Vancouver heroin program is not curing the addiction, this is where the source comes in.

8. InSite Statistics

Background: This source is a statistics sheet for the InSite treatment facilities in Vancouver. It contains yearly numerical data for items such as unique visitors, average visits per day, OVERDOSE INCIDENTS, clinical interventions, demographics, etc.

How I Used It: This can lead to some conclusions made by me with the use of the next source that the treatment facilities are not as effective in luring in a high percentage of the addicted population as they preach to be.

9. Drug Statistics in Vancouver

Background: This pdf document gives in-depth analysis on many different aspects of illicit drug use in Vancouver.

How I Used It: As mentioned previously, in will be used in addition to the source above in providing a fallacy of the actual popularity of the InSite program.

10. CNN on InSite

Background: An American article, this CNN report discusses a firsthand user of the system named Steve. It is essentially an interview, talking about how he uses it and what he experiences.

How I Used It: Steve praises the system for the most part, but in doing so reveals some unacceptable flaws of the program, such that he has overdosed three times while there. Evidence like this will allow me to draw some conclusions and make some valid points regarding the practicality of the clinics.

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