Most people think that the cause of mass shootings has to deal with either gun control or mental health issues. But that is indeed not the case. Surveys show that more Americans are in favor to owning firearms than those who are opposed to it. As of November 20th, 2015, MSNBC polls show that people are in favor of carrying guns than those who don’t say that we should carry guns. Around 338 thousand people voted that Americans should be allowed to carry guns because it is in the second amendment and its our right to defend ourselves. While only 16 thousand people say that it is to dangerous to carry around firearms in public. Mental health problems are also not the issue. The people that are committing the mass murders are the ones who feel like they are at the bottom of society and just need someone to talk to. Saying that these people have mental issues only worsens the cause to prevent mass shootings. These people just need someone to talk to rather examining them if they have had any sort of mental health problems. “The majority of mentally ill people are not violent.”(Follman) The problem is that it is hard to tell if someone is prepared to snap and go on a rampage. People who commit mass shootings are the ones who get angry because they having problems finding a job, they get angry with school or they are having trouble finding a spouse or girlfriend. This is natural and happens all of the time in society. There have been neuromas times where people decide to go one rampage because of these various things. The Isla Vista shooter in Santa Barbara, California specifically stated that he went on his rampage because women weren’t interested in forming a relationship with him. It is natural for a man to get frustrated for having relationship issues, but in this case the most tragic event occurred. Overall, statistics clearly show that neither mental health nor gun control is the problem with mass shootings. The problem with mass shootings is that it is very hard to track who is going to commit this crime and where they plan to do it.


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