E02 Purposeful summaries-Dancingueen


It seems counterintuitive that Doctors who see poorer patients get poorer performance ratings.Doctors and health policy analysts at the Massachusetts general  hospital recently found performance measures for physicians.Doctors who take care of the lower income  patients receive lower performance ratings.The patients who have higher incomes are more difficult to help.

Doctors would pay more attention to patients who have higher incomes.The doctors are looking at Patient almost like the bigger the better.Some doctors have to deal with both low and high income. Those doctors with both feel like they are being penalized.

This can explian some aspects of health disparities.patients with a higher income has an easier time with their doctor than patient with lower income. Mostly all of the doctors study the same thing it is just  which type of patient they recieve. that is why some doctors get better ratings than others.


It seems counterintuitive that “Medicare Beneficiaries with greater educational attainment are less likely to use both extremes of the 0-10 rating scale then those with less attainment”.the new two-stage model for both standard case mix effects and ERT.The rating of the subgroups are compared after adjustments.the ERT may be important while estimating disparities or comparing providers if patient poulations are different in educational attainment.

“Without accurate measurement ,policy makers will not be able to target the patterns or providers in greatest need of intervention nor to assess the effectiveness of such interventions”. There are more positive evaltions for African Americans than non-Hispanic whites.Several analyses of patient experience surveys have found patterns.Which was less positive evaluations for those with supplementary insurance.

“ERT is most important when compairing groups.Which includes both estimation of disparities by race /Ethnicity or sociogenomics status”.  The consequences of not adjusting for ERTwill vary.


“In 1999, the institute of medicine released a report suggesting a strategy  to combat death due to preventable medical errors and set a goal of cutting  preventable errors half over the next five years”.It has increased transparancy between doctors and patients.After 15 years later problems have cited in the report are still an issue.The public does not know it deaths is the reason why errors have decreased.

“Deaths due to prevenatable error are just a subject of the problem”.Every year in the hospital 1 million people are harmed.the cause of surgical mistakes,infections and injuries.

Doctors are making a lot  of mistakes that are becoming very dangerous.They are taking a risk at patients lives.It has became an big issue for patients as well as the doctors.deaths can be the cause of why error are decreasing.If it has been 15 years later and is still an issue than maybe the doctors are the reason why.

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