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More Guns Less Crime

As we know America is known for having lots of gun violence in communities and in schools. Most people have argued that we as a country should get rid of guns, and some have argued that we should keep them to protect ourselves and I agree. In fact, I think that having more guns will mean that we have less crime. I will shut down the argument for the side of getting rid of guns by saying that technology has improved so many people can 3D print a functional gun. And I believe that if someone wanted to buy a gun illegally what will stop them? That person will be a wolf among sheep, and nobody can stop a violent crime from happing to them. Now, most people will just say call the police, but first responders take on average 5 to 10 minutes to show up at a crime scene. (What Is The Average Police Response Time in the US? | Most people don’t have the time to even call the police and give them their location if something is happening to them.

Another group of people might use England as an example of a country that has gotten rid of guns, and for that, I say that I say that is not a fair comparison. Here is why America has built some of its foundation on being able to bare arms and protect their land and family. If that right is taken away there will be civil war in our country again. 

Most victims of crime are people who are taken advantage of because they have no way to protect themselves. And the victimizer usually knows this and preys on them because they are seen as weak. An analogy I would use to describe that is wolves don’t hunt wolves they hunt prey they know that they’re stronger than. That’s why I say if everyone has a right to open carry, will be fewer violent crimes. 

If everyone carried, people will feel safe again. I don’t believe that kids should have the same access but I do believe they teach gun safety and know that a gun is for worst case scenario and will have police officers come to the schools once a week and teach the kids proper techniques for how to defend themselves, how to conflict resolve, and hand to hand combat. The legal age for a right to carry should be pushed back to 25 because your brain is fully developed by then. And courts can’t use the defense he is a kid and doesn’t know any better. 

Places that should ban guns are clubs, bars, and any other places where your judgment can be altered. If you misuse your gun the license should be suspended forever in every state and should have a 5-year jail sentence if no one was killed or injured. But if someone is killed or injured then that person should get the time, they would get now for killing someone. A way to prove that my theory is correct is how every country has nukes, but no one uses them because they don’t want their country to get nuked. The same thing on a smaller scale when it comes to the more guns less crime theory, if everyone has guns there will be less crime. Because no one wants to get shot, as a form of retaliation if they are committing a crime against someone. Since 2018, there have been 151 school shootings. “There were 51 school shootings with injuries or deaths last year, the most in a single year since Education Week began tracking such incidents in 2018. There were 35 in 2021, 10 in 2020, and 24 each in 2019 and 2018.”(School Shootings This Year: How Many and Where (

The Main argument is that if we have more trained armed officers in schools it will stop School shootings.

 If the schools had trained officers with guns to defend the students during times like this I believe that we will cut school shooting down close to zero. 

As a former high schooler, we have drills if someone were to come into the school, but the drill is heavily flawed. If you train the students on where to go if a shooting takes place you are possibly teaching the shooter how to find everyone. Plus most of the time they just close the door and try to pretend that they are not in the classroom at that time, which is also a flawed concept. Because the attacker already knows that students are in school during that time of day, not to mention if it’s a student themselves who is the attacker. 

For this theory to work we would need to place a class strictly for officers who protect schools. This class will teach them how to calm down students who may be fighting, or about to cause serious harm to other students. The class will also teach them how to detain a student without harming them. The problem with this theory is that will the students feel safe? And just like the police, we have today it’s based on the person in charge. For example, I have had security officers in my school and they were all good people and most of them were my football coaches. But I have seen school officers use excessive force on students and abuse their power. (High School SRO accused of excessive force in incident captured on video | In this article, According to a federal complaint submitted on Wednesday, a former student of Narragansett High School is suing one of the town’s police officers after he claimed to have been hurt in an event seen on the school’s CCTV system in 2018.

Michael Blanchette claimed he was hurt when the school resource officer knocked him to the ground in the school’s corridor. So, the question to be answered is how will trained armed officers prevent school shootings?



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