causal rewrite

One of the most addicted drug heroin targets many innocent  peoples live. A city called Vancouver in Canada has high percentages of the drug abusers, that the government had came up with idea of  opening Insite facility. These facility ran by medical practitioners allow any drug addict to walk in and shoot heroin legally for free. This is referred as harm  reduction program but  it really doesn’t do any good than  does harm. The use of heroine by patients must be eliminated to prevent further harm to patients health and help in keeping moral ethics.

First of all, having Insite open will cause people to distrust rehab facility and give into Insite facilities. About 5000 of the people re intravenous drug users in which most of them are far less addicted. Insite center encourages addict to get more of the drug and nor completely to go clean by stopping the use if this very harmful drug. The government funds about 3 million dollars towards Insite center in providing with sterilized equipment and much more. If the government uses this funds to find safer treatment  or find alternative to this problem then it would save lives and stop the harm. People won’t come back over and over again in hopes for more heroin.

Having such a treatment method it will only cause detrimental affect on the patients health. In 2013, 308 people died in British Columbia due to illicit drug overdoses. Overall the main reason behind buildup of Insite program was to prevent suicide or crimes in the city. But is it really much simple as it appear? People and kids on the street feel very unsafe with drug addicts around. As more people go to Insite clinics, the more networking of drug dealers will take place. This can be a way for drug addicts ti get drugs from each other and then disturb people in the community


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  1. davidbdale says:

    Hiralp, I’ve tried to tell you repeatedly, the word is C A U S A L, not C A S U A L.

    Categorize this correctly, please, and title it:
    Causal Rewrite—hiralp365


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