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Who knew world’s most harmful drug, heroin would be so accessible through doctors to heroin addicts? In Vancouver doctors are getting paid through government to provide heroin to drug addicts in Insite clinics. The idea of heroin being provided through injection under supervision of doctors is not a clean way to help these drug abusers. You are simply fulfilling the addicts desire of getting heroine not making any change. The Insite programs opened up in Vancouver and many other places in Canada, have patient coming back over again and again. Basically they are asking for more and it’s never enough for them. Having to inject heroine directly can be seriously harmful as it speeds up to an individual’s brain faster making the effect of drug last longer. It seems very unethical of doctors role supporting the Insite program, as it doesn’t do any good to a patient’s health. There also may also be higher risks of spread of the infection through syringe needles which is used to inject every patient in the Insite clinic. The two common infections that can spread from person to person is HIV and Hepatitis infection which can occur through single needle use.

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