13 TUE FEB 28

Class 13 TUE FEB 28

Wake Up!

The value of your vote is in jeopardy. In 23 states, over the last year, regulations have been tightened to make casting a vote in an election more difficult. MORE DIFFICULT. Everything else in life, including psychotherapy, can be done on your phone. But elections, apparently, have to be made harder every few years, are only legitimate if done in person, and should be reserved for people who can stand up to strict challenges to their own legitimacy.

For those of us who CAN and DO vote in every election, when we vote for a legislative office such as the Senate or the House, we are reminded that legislators (at least the members of the party in charge) have the power to draw their own voting district maps.

Here’s why it matters.


  • I have Graded the PTSD Claims posts.
    • In every case, I have left Feedback. Sometimes extensive feedback. You are welcome to Revise your posts for a Regrade if you wish, provided your revisions are original and not merely copies of the recommendations I have made. If you need a Regrade, put your work back into Feedback Please and ask for a Regrade in a Reply to your post.
  • I’m catching up on Feedback in general, but you can speed the process, as always.
    • I’ve left feedback for every student in the queue who has dropped me a Reply to advise me what sort of advice would suit you best. For faster “service,” I again request your guidance.

Make the White Paper Work for You
(A Demonstration)

The Definition/Categorical Argument
(Your First Portfolio Task / 1000 Words)

A 1000-word Definition/Categorical Argument based on your Research into the Counterintuitive nature of the topic you carved out for yourself and which you are using your White Paper to develop.

35 Responses to 13 TUE FEB 28

  1. gracchusbabeuf says:

    I had a long and interesting post about gerrymandering written. Alas, I left the page and it is lost to history. I truly dislike the reply box and should write in a separate application to not repeat this a third time.

    Class today began with a quote which cautioned against asking what the world needs. Rather, the author wants people to pursue what “makes them come alive”, which they insist is what the world really needs.

    We had a section on voting and gerrymandering, covering the barrier which 23 states have erected in the past year against voting. This was contrasted with the accessibility of services like psychotherapy, which are somehow less strenuous to sign up for than voting. We then covered the ways that gerrymandering can be done to turn 60-40 splits into a 3-2 or 5-0 majority, depending.

    The professor covered an interesting, if morbid idea with the specific mechanics of our classroom being attacked by a domestic terrorist. It does not looks good for us, but the professor can buy us 15 seconds by his estimation.

    Unfortunately, I had to run to a meeting and was unable to observe the last minutes of class.


  2. queenrandom04 says:

    we did an exercise on gerrymandering within voting. Then we went through housekeeping to make sure that we’d turned in our claims assignment. Then we went over how to make the white paper, work for us. By reading articles and taking down the quotes that spark our interest as we are reading them not waiting until we come back while writing our essay later on. While writing our background information we need to make sure to be making arguments that clearly communicate the goal of what we’re trying to accomplish within defending our thesis. When originally finding sources to defend your thesis you can go down to the sources that the article used to find less biased information.


  3. giants19 says:

    Todays class, like many, began with a quote. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” I love this quote because it prioritizes going for your dreams and I think that is a mindset that a lot more people should hold with them. We then discussed the concept of gerrymandering, which is pretty much when legislators change the way that they divide up districts in order to make it more likely that they are elected. Many elected government officials have taken advantage of this strategy. We then discussed our next assignment, which is our first portfolio assignment, the definition/categorical argument. We were given some ideas as to what that should look like. Then, some feedback was given to certain white pages.


  4. pitandthependulum22 says:

    Wake Up:
    – Votes in jeopardy due to things like signature matching at both the polls and mail-in sites
    – States have made it possible to make it more difficult to cast a vote
    – Those in charge have the power to draw their own voting district maps, get to decide what a known majority of voters are likely to do (and give themselves advantage)

    – To speed up the Feedback process, leave a reply on your own post giving specifics as to what advice/guidance you are looking for

    Make the White Paper Work for You:
    – “show your work” assignment
    – update with thoughts/reactions, notes, ideas

    Definition/ Categorical Argument
    – Due midnight March 7th
    – Spend some time working on White Paper (revision or addition) before completing


  5. tristanb50 says:

    -If you have a choice, don’t ask what the world needs
    -failure to match signatures could possibly disqualify voters from voting, depending on the bias of those checking
    -elected legislators have the power to draw their own voting district maps, can essentially control their own voters and stay in power for long periods of time
    -PTSD Claims have been graded
    -asking for feedback multiple times is appreciated (with the promise of providing guidelines and improving the work)

    White Paper:
    -save every detail when reading through taking notes (ex: where you had your idea, how you phrased it, what paragraph brought upon that idea)
    -always include the title when attaching your sources
    -be specific with your title, don’t leave anything to interpretation
    -unpack the relevance of each subtopic to your topic
    -carefully examine the angle of your sources


  6. clevelandbrown03 says:

    The quote is basically saying don’t worry about what people think, do what makes you happy.

    we talked about representation and different ways to show the same information and depending on how you write it you could change how the information is read.

    Talked about white paper sources and if they are good sources or biased.

    We have a professor meeting about our white paper.


  7. rowanstudent6 says:

    -Freedom is in danger in the United States as districts can be rigged to benefit a party by reorganizing the district to serve a purpose
    -Revise white paper then ask for feedback by requesting and typing into the reply section
    -Need a value judgement and to make a claim when explains articles in white pages
    -Need to be more firm/clear about claims in white paper
    -Careful examination of sources and a decision should be expressed in white paper


  8. Senpai Pio says:

    Notes: 2/28/2023

    -White paper needs to be actually useful. Keep lots of notes and write everything down. -It’s like the scribble paper on a physics test.
    -Slowly build an argument
    -Just because there is a chart does not mean it is true. Prove everything
    -Watch out for website bias. The 3D printed guns wanted you to make 3D printed guns
    -First 1,000 words due next Tuesday!


  9. blueee04 says:

    Today, we talked about how the value of people’s votes are in jeopardy, I’ve heard that your vote isn’t legitimate unless done in person but I never knew that elections needed to be made harder every year. It’s interesting how when voting for a legislative office they can draw the maps of the votes to their advantage, which doesn’t seem quite fair or make sense.

    We then discussed how we should properly set up our white paper and were shown how we can use information in the sources we choose, to benefit or backup our hypothesis and cause an argument. This helped me to understand how I could possibly revise my white paper.


  10. rowanluver29 says:

    – The world needs people who made up their mind.
    – In 23 states, regulations to vote have been tightened to make casting a vote much more difficult. They are doing this by comparing signatures.
    – Most elections are not national; they are mostly state elections or town elections.
    – A white paper is a “show your work” type of assignment.
    – It is hard for professor to tell what side of our argumentative essay we are if we do not jot down our thoughts and arguments while reading our sources.
    -A white paper is a careful examination of the sources we selected. We should be recording reactions and arguments we have ourselves to help us hash out what we can use in that article for our essay.
    – First definition/categorical argument is due next week on March 7 (1000 words).


  11. Fulcrum66 says:

    Riddle- Our Value of voting is in jeopardy due to the imbalance of political districts when drawing and Legitimacy when casting your vote and using the proper signature.

    PTSD Claims- After going over the riddle we discussed our PTSD assignment and one of the big problems a lot of us had was missing claims.

    White Paper- Find value in your sources, the white paper is a melting pot of your sources, and you need to pick through them to find information relative to your argument. We go over some examples of different White Papers that our classmates made and it’s a really good outlook to see what other people came up with. You must examine your sources carefully and right about your reactions in your argument.

    1000-word Definition/Categorical Argument- Due March 7


  12. oatmealvibes says:

    “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman. This quote makes me feel like I should focus on what makes me feel good and not so much on everybody else.

    Wake Up: Votes in 23 states are in jeopardy. Things like signature matching could disqualify you depending on how you sign your name. You can do most things on your phone but can not vote on your phone yet. Legislators have the power to draw their own voting district maps. This can give them an advantage in voting. To be fair, in this example, 3 seats should go to blue and 2 go to red with 60% of 50 people voting blue and 40% voting red.

    Housekeeping: Professor has graded the PTSD claims and has left feedback. If you would like to rewrite and it’s an original rewrite, go to feedback please, and ask for a regrade in reply to your post. “Make the White Paper Work for You” (A Demonstration) it’s beneficial for getting your reactions and thoughts down about the sources you’ve read for your essay. Our first portfolio task (1,000 words definition argument) is due March 7th.


  13. sinatraman17 says:

    White Paper: Use as a space to spill your interactions with texts AS you read them. Record any claims you come up with or arguments you have with specific text, and note the Page/Paragraph you’re responding to. In this, you are effectively writing your papers.

    Source Reliability: Be highly conscious of the possibility of slant in sources, and beware of commercial (.com) texts. Search deeper for reliable information within these types of texts’ “Sources” sections.


  14. Anonymous says:

    White Paper
    – while reading we should add insight to sources that seem useful to us.
    – make sure the reader knows what side of the claim you’re on.
    – if necessary, switch the link name to a title that seems relevant to your topic.
    – use it to record information while we are reading sources.
    – be wary of slanted sources, there isn’t anything wrong with them but realize that your writing is based on someone else’s opinions. So don’t count on these sources for credibility.


  15. Water says:

    The purpose of the white paper is to have ideas and opinions on what your sources are talking about, you benefit from this by having what you read marked down. When you start working on the paper, the white is going to refresh you on what you read. The white paper also gives insight for the reader to understand the use of the source, and how you could use it to your ability. A careful examination of the sources you selected and to be recording your reactions, these certain reactions could limit or take away sources you concluded that you really didn’t need.


  16. saycheese03 says:

    Quote: prioritize chasing dreams don’t let the world choose for you and be bolder.

    Modern democracy is kind of screwed because elections are not national, and they depend on the district or state you live in not only this, but people can basically get rid of the voters who don’t vote for that certain person.

    Add a request for feedback please

    Make use out of White paper/writing down all thoughts to organize these notes will assist us greatly remember what we were thinking of that time. Don’t waste your time and record ideas down on the white papers.

    A careful examination of the sources we first chose. record reactions on white paper

    1000-word categorical/ definition argument due March 6th record notes in white papers.


  17. goodmusician440 says:

    -When we do 3 blue districts and 2 red districts, the voting is fair because everyone gets one vote. For every 3 blue voters, there are 2 red voters.
    -We saw that the red voters can out number the blue voters 3:2 by making 2 districts for the blue where they win extremely big, specifically 9:1, but then the red makes 3 districts where they win all three of them. No where near as big (5:4), but they still win more amount of times than the blue.
    -If you need a regrade, put your work into feedback please and ask for a regrade in a reply in your post.
    -We have our first portfolio assignment due next week, which is our definition argument.
    -We learned how to make adjustments to our white papers, especially with our sources and quotes.
    -Sometimes, sources may seem like they are reliable and objective, when in fact, they turn out to not be objective at all.


  18. philsfan1133 says:

    -Our world demands those who make decisive decisions.
    -23 states have implemented new regulations that make voting more challenging with signature comparisons.
    -Most elections are not federal but rather state or local.
    -The white paper is an assignment that requires both research and analysis.
    -A white paper is a comprehensive examination of the sources chosen and requires the student to document their reactions and arguments to form a cohesive article.
    -The first definition/categorical argument is due on March 7 and should be at least 1000 words in length


  19. jasrielle2 says:

    Feb 28 Comp Notes
    Today’s class began with the quote “ Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
    We spoke about the voting situations and how voting is not able to be done on your phone like almost everything else in the world. We spoke about the target of limiting voting for the people and how that would affect the world. Signature matching was the main concern of voting, states have begun to make it more difficult to cast votes today.
    We then went over the situation of an active shooter on campus, talking about what would be ideal in that situation and what outcomes would most likely happen when this happens, giving multiple examples and hypotheticals. Freedom causes many risks and dangers in America, leaving many things up to people in power can result in many issues with our community and economy.
    Finishing class with upcoming assignments and ways to get help throughout them.


  20. sortableelms says:

    The meaning behind the quote by Howard Thurman is rather than thinking about what needs to happen and what skill goes with them, do what makes you happy and inspired no matter what because the world needs people to be themselves. Next, we looked at the vote and the reason why we should vote. Talking about how everything has become easier over time but voting has become harder and more difficult. Life has become easier because everything can be done on the phone. Everything besides voting is only legitimate if done in person. The Definition/Categorical Argument is one of THREE Short Arguments (1000 words each) whose contents you will combine at the end of the semester to produce your Research Position Paper (3000 words). It is due March 7th, next Tuesday.


  21. tmjj4345 says:

    – Technology has been rapidly advancing and simplifying the way we do things. Electronics have taken over our world, and revolutionized the way we do things. From online shopping to things like conference meetings everything has been modernized except for the way we vote. Voting is extremely important and is something every citizen should be required to do. Every vote counts and each vote makes a difference, which is why it’s difficult to understand how the methods of voting haven’t been updated or made easier. In fact, over the years regulations have been enforced and tightened to make voting more difficult. Thousands of voters have invalid votes due to small things like their signature not matching up or bubbles not being fully filled in. How is it we made every aspect of life easier except one of the most important deciding factors for our government. By making it more difficult, people are less likely to go out and vote.
    – Legislators (the members of the party in charge) have the power to draw their own voting district maps, which makes a huge impact. We saw 7 different diagrams of the 2 parties being split into 5 different districts. It illustrated how legislators have the power to draw their district maps in favor of their own party.
    – PTSD Claim posts have been graded
    – Ask for a regrade if you don’t like your grade
    – Specify the feedback and guidance you would like
    – Different can be redundant
    – Include your hypothesis in your white paper along with a background and how you intend to use it
    – Include how you would craft a definition argument from the sources you crafted
    – The White Paper is a place to take notes
    – The best way to read is with your fingers on the keyboard
    – Analyze your source, and take notes and record quotes the first time you read it
    – Gather whats valuable about the source and turn it into language of our own in order to better understand what you read
    – If the reader understood what they read they’ll be able to write in their own language so the audience can also better understand what you read
    – White paper is an active place for you to engage with your material to make it more readily accessible to you
    – Include bulleted notes on articles below Background and your how you intend to use it paragraph


  22. pinkheart84 says:

    Text the professor your username if you wish for more help on white paper.
    Wake up: The value of people’s votes are in jeopardy. Your vote isn’t legitimate unless done in person. The majority that wins should not be fair. The system is strange with the majority winning.
    Housekeeping: PTSD are graded, and you can regrade if you need.
    White paper: make adjustments, put sources, put your reactions, put arguments, put quotes, carefully examine.
    We can influence our own activity.


  23. mellowtacos says:

    Howard Thurman quote:
    “Don’t make decisions on what the world needs from you”
    Do what you want

    *send a text if you would like white paper help

    Casting a vote has become more difficult
    Votes are being tossed based on un-identical signatures
    The smaller the vote the easier it is t swing it

    If 60% blue and 40% red; blue gets ⅗ of the votes and red gets ⅖ of the votes
    In order to make it neither compact nor fair
    If you draw the map correct you could stay in power forever

    Graded and left feedback (check it out!)
    Respond to the feedback with a rewrite in order to get a better grade

    *if you haven’t reserved feedback its because you did not ask or you were not specific with the help that you need

    Key info:
    – Make sure your words are binge used the way you want
    – Do not use pointless words that don’t add anything to the sentence
    – Rename the link the title of the article
    – Make sure you have a background paragraph in your white paper along with a “how – i intended to use it” paragraph
    – The white paper is a place to dump all your notes in
    – While you are reading your articles for the first time, make sure you are taking notes and writing down strong quotes
    – You need to turn your summaries of the article into language of your own
    – You will never have to worry about possible plagiarism if you are already turning the article into your own words when taking notes

    *your white paper should be starting to come together
    *One week away from first page (March 7th)


  24. g00dsoup says:

    “Don’t ask what the world needs.
    Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
    Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman

    Throughout the past year, twenty-three states have had regulations tightened to make casting a vote more difficult
    Everything (well, almost everything) can be done through our phones, but not voting. Voting is only legitimate if it is done in person.
    We learned about the term Gerrymandering. This is to manipulate boundaries to favor one party or class.

    Housekeeping: PTSD claims have been graded and feedback has been given.
    If you would like a regrade, revise the claim and put the work in the “Feedback Please” category and ask for a “Regrade”
    ****To move up to the top of the Feedback Queue, leave a reply stating what feedback would suit you best.****

    White Paper: Making it Work For You
    -Make the URL to your sources embedded in the title of the article
    -The White Paper’s value is to take notes not just to store your sources
    This is so you don’t have to keep opening the source to find what you are looking for. You should be recording your thoughts with your source in the White Paper when you first read the article.

    Our first paper for our Research, the Definition Argument is due Tuesday, March 7, 2023. It should be 1000 words.


  25. tlap23 says:

    Tue. Feb. 28
    Quote: ” Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
    – Focus on yourself because the world needs lively people.
    23 States have tightened their regulations to make voting more difficult. It is not able
    to be done on your phone or in an electronically way.
    Professor graded PTSD Claims Assignment
    -Can redo for a grade
    First 1000 words of White Paper due before March 7
    -Definition/Categorical Argument


  26. Shazammm says:

    “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” This was spoken by Howard Thurman. Are you making choices based on the world wants from you? No. You are doing what you want to do. You do what you want based on what makes you feel good. “Figure out what makes you come alive and go do it.”

    Wake up: Everything can be done through the phone except voting. You must make it hard for people to vote to manipulate a small majority. “The smaller the pool, the easier it is for politicians to swing it.” Making the voting process strictly in-person makes it difficult for {such as} physically disabled people to vote. Gerrymandering is rigging or manipulating an election to gain more votes for the favored political party. It is happening in states where political parties are gaining temporary dominance. “With a minority, you can stay in power forever.”

    Housekeeping: Hodges has graded the PTSD claims post {you have already received feedback on this assignment}. If you want a rewrite on any assignment, ask for “feedback please.” This is a rewrite class, so you can redo any assignment {as long as you do it in proper timing}. The more you ask for feedback, the more you will get the hang of it.

    White Paper: Be sure to write a hypothesis, a background, and how I intend to use paragraph for each source. The White Paper is a place to take notes of each source you gather for your paper. Do not just read the abstracts/conclusions of the sources. Actually read the articles and take notes. Find full-text versions of sources. You may need to go on other websites to find full-text articles. React to articles on your White Paper. Quote small portions of the articles on your White Paper. Recording articles on your White Paper helps you turn them into your own language, breaking them down for you to understand so you can interpret them for your readers.

    First draft of Definition argument is due in one week. So Monday, March 6th, at midnight. The causal argument will be due Tuesday, March 21st.


  27. fatjoe000 says:

    -Figure out what makes you come alive and go do it
    -If you revise something make sure the revisions are original and not copies of recommendations
    -If you need a regrade, put your feedback into the “Feedback Please” and ask for a regrade
    -You can always rewrite your stuff, it’s a rewrite class
    -You can speed up the feedback process by putting a reply so the professor knows what you want feedback on
    -Be specific with your feedback request
    -The White Paper is a place to take notes
    -The way to read is with your fingers on the keyboard
    -Take notes while reading your White Paper articles
    -If you find valuable sections in your articles then that is the best time to get it on your white paper
    -Copying down the valuable parts makes it so you don’t need to keep going back the article
    -Putting what you read into your own words helps you understand it better
    ^Also don’t have to worry about plagiarizing


  28. doglover846 says:

    Quote: Do what you want, instead of what others want for you. Chase YOUR own dreams not anyone else’s.
    Voting has been made harder because some groups seems to benefit from smaller voting parties.
    – The “fair” voting would be 3 votes blue for every 2 votes red
    – You need to ask for what kind of feedback you need on your posts so you can be moved to the top of the list.

    White Paper- it is a place to take notes, you are allowed to copy and paste just so you can go back to it.
    Definition/Categorical Argument- due March 07th


  29. sunflower0311 says:

    – Voting regulations have been tightened which makes casting your vote more difficult. This is happening to reduce the number of voters and manipulate that small group.
    – Gerrymandering: when you draw up the election maps in order to benefit one particular party

    – PTSD Claims have been graded and given feedback, you can get a regrade by responding to the feedback, fixing it and then putting it back into feedback please and asking for a regrade.
    – You can speed up the feedback process by replying to your own post with what kind of feedback you want.

    White Paper:
    – When taking notes about an article turn it into your own words right away so that you can use it right in your paper without having to worry about plagiarism
    – If you find a quote you like put it right into your white paper so you do not lose it.

    -Definition argument is due March 7th


  30. gobirds115 says:

    Class Notes 2/28:

    – “Don’t ask what the world needs.
    Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
    Because what the world needs
    is people who have come alive.” Don’t do things that you feel like you should do, do things because you want to do them. LIVE YOUR LIFE!

    – 23 states have made changes in their voting requirements/regulations making it a lot more difficult to actually cast your vote. Signature comparison is one way these states are cracking down on true voters.

    – The white paper is a “show your work” assignment where your true research and developed opinions through analyzation of sources will really have the most prominence.

    – Make sure to take down notes when you’re analyzing sources to record your true reactions. This helps create the most true version of your thoughts and arguments within your white paper.

    – The first installment of the white paper, the definition/categorical argument, is due in one week on Tuesday, March 7th


  31. chickennugget246 says:

    “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Go do what you love doing.
    The value of our vote is in jeopardy! Regulations have been tightened to make casting a vote in an election more difficult.
    We can do pretty much everything on our phones, including psychotherapy. But, we cannot vote over the phone. Voting is legitimate if done in person. Legislators have the power to draw their own voting district maps.
    Gerrymandering, by definition, is to achieve a result by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency. In class today, we were shown different ways to divide 50 people into five districts.
    We can always improve our work. So, we can revise our posts for a regrade. After revising, we should put our work back under feedback please and ask for a regrade in a reply to our post. Also, write a reply in regards to the feedback you have received; it is best to keep the conversation going.
    Within our white paper, we should hide the link to our chosen articles behind the title of the articles.
    Our white paper is a place to take notes and gather our sources, so we can easily access them.
    We should be typing while we are reading so we do not lose our thoughts and ideas.
    When we read a paragraph that is really useful for our topic, we should copy and paste it into our white paper so we have easy access to it. This is so that we do not have to go back and search for it later on.
    When you take notes on something, turn it into your own language so you do not have to worry about plagiarizing.
    We should take notes on what we read and put them on the white paper.
    **Our 1,000 word definition/categorical argument is due on Monday, March 6 at 11:59 pm.


  32. inspireangels says:

    Wake up: We discuss the electoral votes and how our vote is in jeopardy since legislators have the power to draw their own voting district maps. We were reminded today that even if we vote for a legislative office legislators are they are able to alter the votes in their favor.

    Housekeeping: You can always rewrite your assignment to improve your grade. To do this you need to be sure to select “Feedback Please” and leave a reply with the specific feedback you want since there is always room for improvement.

    Make White Paper Work for You:
    – This a place to take notes of what you read and comment on your sources in your own words
    – You should be taking notes while you are reading your sources
    – Start to gather the information for your definition/categorical argument


  33. pinkmonkey32 says:

    – Signature match in more states- This strategy would be used to discredit votes in order for people to cut out votes they don’t want instead of making votes credible to make sure your vote is being counted
    – Ptsd claims- All PTSD claims have been graded and ones left in feedback please have gotten feedback. If you would like to revise to get a higher grade revise based on the comments you received.
    – Make the White paper work for you- your white paper should make your essays easier, if its not making it easier for you then maybe look into better sources. Professor would like to see you write notes and comment on the articles or sources while you’re reading them to help you keep track of your immediate thoughts.
    – Definition or Categorical Argument- start to gather your thoughts and information to start categorical or definitional argument paper.


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