13 TUE FEB 28

Class 13 TUE FEB 28

Wake Up!

The value of your vote is in jeopardy. In 23 states, over the last year, regulations have been tightened to make casting a vote in an election more difficult. MORE DIFFICULT. Everything else in life, including psychotherapy, can be done on your phone. But elections, apparently, have to be made harder every few years, are only legitimate if done in person, and should be reserved for people who can stand up to strict challenges to their own legitimacy.

For those of us who CAN and DO vote in every election, when we vote for a legislative office such as the Senate or the House, we are reminded that legislators (at least the members of the party in charge) have the power to draw their own voting district maps.

Here’s why it matters.

Something from the Bar?

The Bar

The Visual Rhetoric Unit

A Portfolio Assignment


Visual Rhetoric (and the Visual Rhetoric Rewrite)

  • For the next several weeks, you’ll be assigned a Portfolio Task every week.
  • Your first Portfolio assignment was your Definition/Categorical argument.
  • The next (and the only one not directly connected to your Research Position Paper) is the Visual Rhetoric Analysis.
  • You’ll receive provisional analysis of your first draft, then post a Visual Rhetoric Rewrite, which you’ll add to your Portfolio at the end of the semester.

Visual Analysis of a Static Image

  • To get warmed up to the idea of Visual Analysis, let’s start with a static image before moving on to motion pictures.
  • Visual Rhetoric, Static Image

Visual Analysis of One Second of Video

26 Responses to 13 TUE FEB 28

  1. toastedflatbread22 says:

    I would choose love and service.


  2. zipemup1 says:



  3. cfalover says:

    – opening: i would choose love and money because love is important to me and for money, i would want to be able to provide for my family and myself if necessary
    – the definition argument (protected class): it is an argument, it actually contains real-world relevance, and usually requires defining multiple terms
    – something from the bar? – this question is way too broad because there are so many different types of drinks at the bar and this can create confusion for the guest.
    – readers are also faced with too much new information at one time and they don’t have any guidance to make a true decision
    – you are the subject matter expert, you already examined and analyzed the evidence but you have to guide the reader to the right conclusion
    – how to write comes down to the same set of rules as serving
    – DO NOT: ask rhetorical questions, promise you’ll have important info to share later, apologize for what you don’t have, contradict your audience’s preferences, or blame the “kitchen”
    – you can be as gentle or as firm as you need to be
    – evidence means what you say it means


  4. zzbrd2822 says:

    In class today, we did an activity in which we analyzed the four life choices of money, love, fame, and service and what we would choose if we had to choose only two. We then discussed qualities of a good definition essay through an example of the topic of gay marriage. We explained that a definition essay consists of an argument, has real-world relevance, and requires defining several terms. We identified specific claims that are relevant to a definition of a protected class that deserves heightened scrutiny and the argument that gays seeking to marry belong to that class. Next, we described serving at a bar as an extended metaphor for writing an essay. You should stay in charge of the subject matter, approach it as the expert you are, and guide your reader (or diner) to the right conclusion. You should offer your audience a limited sampling of carefully selected data and evidence and you should not ask open-ended questions. You are the kitchen, the chef, and the server, while the customer is your audience. We then went over visual rhetoric and analyzed a static image and a short video.


  5. cocochanel715 says:

    Definition essay is an argument
    Definition essays do not resemble a cookie cutter essay, they are more argumentative
    Not fair to put your reader in an array of alternatives
    Offer them too much data they would not engage with you the correct conclusion
    Writers job is to serve, which means to help the reader be guided to the right direction for the conclusion
    The main concepts on how to write:
    They are the subject matter experts
    They have already examined the pertinent evidence
    They have come to the right conclusions
    If they establish your trust, they can guide you to the right conclusions
    Everybody is happy when you come to the right conclusions
    The do not list of things when writing:
    Don’t ask open-ended questions.
    Don’t promise that you’ll have important information to share . . . later.
    Don’t blame the kitchen.
    Don’t apologize for what you don’t have.
    Never contradict your customer’s preferences.


  6. Lunaduna says:

    Definition essay
    – It is an argument
    – Make sure you and your readers agree on a certain topic
    – spend at least 1,000 words on defining a term
    – questions that seem obviously have to be answered before trying to persuade your readers (More than 1 term will have to be explained.)

    Something from the Bar?
    – It is way too broad of a question
    – “You haven’t hinted anything to satisfying the customer” (Make the customer comfortable)
    – Commonly writers have too much information to show the audience. (Showing them a lot of choices, will cost them from finding the correct conclusion.)
    – The writer has already prepared while the reader has not (You must guide the reader to the right conclusion)
    – (Example – servers should show customers the appetizers instead of just asking the question.)

    – Do NOT ask open-ended questions (The audience may not answer the question “correctly”)
    – Do not apologize to the reader for what you do not have (Not having “this” type of data)
    – “The kitchen Is not the entire world of knowledge” (It is whatever information that you have gathered)

    3,000-word final essay
    – 1,000 words on a definition
    – 1,000 would be a cause and effect & another 1,000 would be a rebuttal


  7. kingofcamp says:

    English Comp II Lecture Notes (10.14.15)

    The Professional Version
    • Definition Argument Essay
    o it’s an argument
     everything we write is an argument
    o it has real-world relevance
     dictionaries are useless in our definition argument
    o often requires defining several terms
     won’t be defining just one or two terms
    • Heightened Security
    Writing Advice- “Something from the Bar”
    • create an atmosphere where your reader feels comfortable
    • how to “serve”
    o if you offer readers too much data without guidance it will create an uncomfortable environment
     you are not helping readers decide/ make a choice
    o you, as the writer, are the server
     guide your readers to the “right” conclusion
     get readers “in the mood” to “buy”
     you are in charge of the subject matter

    • DO NOT (directly from blog)
    o Don’t ask open-ended questions.
    o Don’t promise that you’ll have important information to share . . . later.
    o Don’t blame the “kitchen”- the sources.
    o Don’t apologize for what you don’t have.
    o Never contradict your customer’s preferences
    • TO DO (directly from blog)
    o Instead of open-ended questions,
     We have spectacular cocktails from our certified mixologist
    o Instead of saying there are countless options
     For big appetites I have a 22-ounce porterhouse; South Jersey magazine raves about our chicken Parmesan; but the best bargain on the menu is the brick oven pizza: 15 bucks and you’ll take half of it home.

    o Instead of blaming the kitchen
     We’re not used to being so crowded on a Thursday, but the review that came out in the local paper has us really hopping.
    o Instead of saying the owner forgot to order seafood
     There are no good mussels in the market this week after that storm in the Gulf; fortunately, the Maine lobster was unaffected, and the 2-pounder is on special.
    o Instead of arguing about your customer’s favorite cut
     A lot of people say that, and I agree, so this is hard for me to say, but the filet mignon actually has less flavor than the rib-eye which benefits from all the marbling. Our chef handles both cuts really well. Want to try something new?
    o this is all metaphorical- apply it to your argumentative essay (and essays)
    The Visual Rhetoric Unit
    • Craft your essay to your own interpretation
    • Evidence- it means what you say it means
    • every choice is deliberate


  8. ilovedunkinoverstarbucks says:

    Definition essay:
    -It is an argument
    -It has real world relevance
    -Often requires defining several terms
    -Ex: Gay marriage
    -Protected class
    -Insular minorities
    -Laws based on gender
    -Laws based on sex
    -Invidious discrimination
    Something from the bar:
    -When a customer is offered too many drinks or they do not know the drinks then they will not order a drink from the bar
    -As readers when they are given too broad information in a paper they will not want to listen to what the paper has to say
    -With coming straight out with a decent amount of data and explaining it clearly then you may have someone new on your side
    What not to do:
    -Do not ask open ended questions
    -Do not promise that you’ll have important info to share later
    -Do not blame the writer
    -Do not apologize for what you do not have
    -Never contradict preferences
    -Instead of asking open ended questions show a variety of info
    -Name the big options
    -Instead of arguing offer something new
    Visual Rhetoric:
    -If you let people decide what something means then it may not be what you want it to be
    -You must show that your interpretation is the only interpretation


  9. zipemup1 says:

    Today we began the day with a life choices question. The class was given four options to choose from love, money, service or fame. During our writing process you want to give the reader information but not too much and not too broad. Today we also talked about definition essays and we were given an example copy and it was completely different from what i though a definition essay would look like.


  10. littlecow24 says:

    Definition Essay
    -Your definition/classification essay is an argument
    -It’s artificial to have an essay that is 10 words for the introduction, 1000 words for each smaller essay and then 10 for the conclusion
    -The question of things that seem obvious on the surface has to be answered, helping you persuade your readers
    -There are often many terms needed to have a thorough explanation
    -You don’t have to exactly define the topic. It should make an argument (ex. “whatever gay marriage is, gays belong to a class of citizens entitled to special consideration to determine whether depriving them of the right to marry is unconstitutional.” )
    -“a protected class that deserves heightened scrutiny” : a protected class is a group of people who are minorities that has less power than the group scrutinizing them

    Something from the bar
    -This sentence^ is said a million times a day, and it creates a flustered customer who will end up just sticking with water because they don’t even know their choices
    -Readers do the same: when you offer too much data, they won’t want to engage in the process of getting the right conclusion. You have to guide them to the correct ending, just like a server has to guide the customer to figure out what they order
    -As the author, we know the subject matter and the pertinent evidence. Stay in charge of that subject, and guide your reader to that correct conclusion
    -No open ended questions, don’t promise to share important information later, don’t apologize for what you don’t have, don’t blame the “kitchen” (you’re in charge!), never contradict the customers preferences
    -The kitchen is what you’ve been able to research. The chef is you, the server if you. The customer is your reader; sell to them what you want them to end up seeing

    Visual Rhetoric
    -Your own interpretation matters; your evidence means what you say it means in able to persuade your readers
    -Every choice is deliberate


  11. lokiofasgard24 says:

    Definition Essay
    -make sure it is your argument
    -keep it relevant to real world ideas
    -define your argument, almost like a thesis statement
    -involve many small claims using the “dad can you buy me a car” strategy
    Something from the bar
    -avoid giving your reader with too many choices
    -try to guide them to a certain “drink” that you’d like to sell that will benefit both you and the reader
    -if you ask open ended questions, most likely they chose something other than what you want
    -your incharge of presenting the research you’ve accumulated to the reader to “buy”


  12. spaghettitacosforthesoul says:

    -life choice: money, and love.
    -Definition essay is an argument
    -Protected class argument: about gay marriage and talks about if gay partners belong to a certain class of citizens.
    -You’d have to define several terms like laws based on gender, laws based on sex, invidious discrimination, defining characteristics, political vulnerability, and fundamental nature.
    -After all that, it doesn’t define gay marriage. And the argument is that gays belong to a class of citizens taken under special consideration to determine whether or not they have the right to marry.
    – It’s not fair to put your reader in the situation to put them in a ridiculous array of alternatives.
    -If you offer too many choices they will retreat.
    -We are subject matter experts, we examined the pertinent evidence, the right conclusions, establish your trust and Everybody is happy when you come to the right conclusions.
    -nothing is accomplished by saying we have appetizers, but it’s better when you show the appetizers
    -No open-ended questions, they answer the question in their mind, Don’t promise important information later, Don’t blame your articles, Don’t apologize for what you don’t have, Never contradict customers’ preferences.
    – Instead of say their countless options, name two.
    -Instead of blaming the kitchen, say we’re not used to being crowed
    -We are in charge of the kitchen, we have to present what we have. We are also the chef and the server.


  13. levixvice says:

    Class Notes-10/14/21
    Fame, money, love, and service are all options in life, with two being chosen as the reciprocation. The categorical/definition claim essay states the facts from each important term that contributes to the topic as well as the real-world relevance of the concepts within society, which may include more than one term that needs to be clarified. Questions should not be broad or excessively open, as they must be tailored to the audience and guided by your essay in order to reach the appropriate conclusions. Stay on topic with data and evidence, including direct quotes as appetizers out of nowhere in writing, without promising to include important information later. Never contradict the reader’s preferences and never apologize for the subject lacking something the reader desired. It is your responsibility as the writer of the essay to conduct research before distributing the researched work to readers in order to appeal to them and obtain feedback. As a persuasive strategy in visual analysis, create your own interpretation in your writing.


  14. toastedflatbread22 says:

    Life Choices
    -Everyone has their own reasons for their choices but what matters is what they do with those choices-do you have a reason for those choices?
    Definition Argument
    -The definition essay will take up 1,000 words of our paper
    -This is not a way to just give textbook definitions of our topic-it is an argument
    -However, important words used in the essay should be defined clearly-for example, a paper about gay marriage should define protected class, insular minorities, laws based on gender, laws based on sex, invidious discrimination, defining characteristics, political vulnerability, and fundamental nature
    -Those definitions do not not define gay marriage, but they do narrow to an argument that “a class of citizens entitled to special consideration to determine whether depriving them of the right to marry is unconstitutional”
    -The definitions should be used as, “specific claims relevant to a definition of a protected class that deserves heightened scrutiny and the argument that gays seeking to marry belong to that class.”
    Something From the Bar?
    -Make the readers feel comfortable and catered to while writing your paper
    -Do not demand that the reader should feel some way in a quick moment-it puts too much pressure on them
    -Offering too much data in the absence of clear guidelines will make them retreat-the writer knows all the information but the reader does not-help them along so they can come to the same conclusion as you
    -The writer is the subject expert, has examined evidence, you have come to the right conclusions, you can guide the reader to the right conclusions, and everyone is happy when you come to the right conclusions
    -You know everything-you just need to lay them out in an organized way
    -Get the most mileage out of the quotes-time them right so that its delivered to an open reader
    -DO NOT-ask open-ended questions, promise you’ll have important information to share later, blame the kitchen (you’re in charge of it), apologize for what you don’t have, and contradict your reader’s preferences
    Visual Rhetoric
    -Do not allow the audience to view your claim in their own lense-put your meaning with it so that you are clear about what you mean
    -Evidence only means what you think it means and you persuade your readers to feel the same way
    -There are no accidents in visual rhetoric-it was crafted to perfectly send a message


  15. comatosefox says:

    When writing, don’t just throw stuff at your reader and not help guide them through the info. Help them gain trust and then bring them through the process, don’t leave and point un touched (don’t talk about something and not fully explain what its about or why you said it). Don’t lead them on, tell them a snip bit and fully explain when it is more relevant.
    Treat writing like a server explaining the menu, why does it taste the way it does, what something similar to what the reader usually gets. Show them the alternatives, tell the what you have, don’t leave them to imagine.
    Work like you are the expert, you know it all even if you don’t. Just use what you’ve gathered to not only tell the reader what you have, but make them feel good that they learn of another option than what they know.


  16. frogs02 says:

    Notes 10/14
    Today we talked about what two things we would choose for life. I chose money and love. We also talked about how a definition essay is an argument, it has real-world relevance, and it often requires defining several terms. We then discussed qualities of a good definition essay through an example of the topic of gay marriage. We compared a server to a writer and how we should ease and conversate to start a conversation and we should be fully in control. Writers should have already examined the pertinent evidence, they have come to the right conclusions, if they establish your trust, they can guide you to the right conclusions, everybody is happy when you come to the right conclusions. Everything comes down to the same set of rules. Stay in charge of the subject matter, approach it like the expert you are, guide your reader to the right conclusion. DO NOT ask open-ended questions, promise that you’ll have important information to share, blame the kitchen, apologize for what you don’t have, contradict your customer’s preferences.


  17. chickennuget444 says:

    The Protected Class Model
    Definition Essay
    Written in red are the definition claims in the essay
    Clear, categorical statements that serve as evidence
    Something from the bar?
    You shouldn’t approach readers with an open ended question and put so much power in their hands instead of suggesting what is available
    When you make people commit to something too early it results in resistance
    How to serve: guide and sell your reader
    The best servers use their power to their advantage
    Stay in charge of the subject matter; approach it like an expert and guide the reader to the right conclusion
    Show the reader what is available
    Don’t promise you have important information to share later, describe it right away
    Don’t blame the kitchen (apologize for what you don’t have)
    The kitchen is not the entire world of knowledge, it is whatever you’ve been abe to gather from your research
    Visual Rhetoric
    Once the author makes a claim, the reader must decide if they will be persuaded or not
    For hw with the video, be very descriptive about everything going on in the video in visual terms.


  18. ziggy026 says:

    Categorical argument
    Not what expected from definition argument
    Further single argument with definitions
    This isn’t what I expected a definition essay to look like. In my opinion it is a wonderful essay which achieves its goal very well, however, it is simply not what I had assumed a definition/categorical essay would look like. I had assumed it would be more of an explanation rather than an argument. The way these arguments are introduced and elaborated upon are more successful than what I had originally thought a definition argument would consist of and I will be sure to incorporate this approach into my own writing.
    Do not ask readers an opened ended question and put all the power in their hands instead of extending what is available, what it will cost them, and guide them to the proper selections.
    “Everybody is happy when they come to the right conclusions”
    When you have people come to a conclusion they aren’t sure about way too early you get resistance and close mindedness
    We are trying to find conformation for what we already believe
    We are trying to find comfort that we are not wrong about the world
    The last thing we want to do is change our mind, it means you were wrong
    When you know you were wrong it makes you doubt whether the next time you change your mind it will be the last time or if you’re also wrong
    A series of wrong decisions when you learn something new
    Don’t make your readers feel this discomfort by confronting them and not guiding them with alternatives
    Showing exactly what is available is the right way to serve what is being provided
    Nothing is accomplished by saying that there is ‘a wonderful assortment of appetizers’ what are the appetizers?
    DO NOT ask open ended questions or promise that you’ll have important to share later


  19. Lily4Pres says:

    Definition Essay:
    Definition essays are arguments, most definitions straight from the dictionary will not be of much assistance in these pieces. The definitions come from terminology that needs to be defined within your argument so your audience can fully grasp your argument.
    “Something from the bar?”:
    The last thing you want to do is ask your readers a vast, open-ended question. Rather than asking the customer if they want something from the bar, go over some brief explanations of certain items with your own opinions mixed. Guide the customer to a decision. Stay in charge of the subject matter, put yourself in such a manner that shows you’re an expert, guide your reader to the conclusion you want them to reach. Refrain from asking open-ended questions, don’t constrict yourself by promising later information, do not blame the kitchen (all of the information you have garnered), do not apologize for what you do not have, never contradict your customer’s preferences. You are the cook and the server, your reader is the customer.
    Visual Rhetoric:
    Never let your reader put their own filter on your words, stay sure and keep your argument strong. Nothing is incidental, everything in this advertisement is on purpose. The job of the visual rhetoric assignment is to fully translate what happens in the advertisement, in words, to our reader without showing them the video.


  20. strawberryfields4 says:

    Definition Argument
    -The dictionary is actually often useless in defining something
    -Example: the various and contradictory definitions of marriage
    -Definition arguments often need several terms defined, rather than just one, to clearly demonstrate the argument to the reader
    -Many terms need to be defined to determine if something belongs to a particular category
    -Society’s definition and the dictionary definition of many concepts may be vastly different
    -When we read we search for evidence of what we already believe
    -People typically do not like to learn that they are wrong and do not want to feel the uncomfortable feeling of changing their mind
    -Carefully guide the reader to your beautiful alternative to their previous belief (your argument)
    -Your new way of looking at the world is the right belief to adopt
    -Subject matter experts are in the privileged position of power
    -Stay in charge of the subject matter
    -It is important to identify the right way to “serve up” your argument (appetizer example)
    -Do not ask open-ended questions! Do not give the reader extra room to think of objections
    -Offer/present your opinion in a desirable way before the reader feels the need to retreat to their original beliefs
    – Readers are often confident and set in their ways with their own opinion. This means you must sell your opinion! Present it in a desirable way! Why should they abandon their own belief for yours?

    Visual Rhetoric Assignment
    -Analyze a brief video and break down every single element in great detail
    -Do not assume that a single element is accidental, everything is strategically planned
    -Communicate to the reader (who will never see the video) what you are watching (the argument value)
    -The more vivid your description is, the stronger your argument will be
    -Describe the screen in visual terms only


  21. chickendinner says:

    Writing a good definitional/categorical essay involves asessing many smaller claims.
    Properly convincing your readers involves not overwhelming them, but rather guiding them comfortably to your conclusion.


  22. calamariii says:

    It is difficult to give up some parts of our life to devote them to others. The protected class essay is a definition argument about the rights for gay men and women to be able to marry under the law. Writing is an argument even when writing something like a definition argument because there are still aspects of that definition that have to be proved by the writing. Throughout this definition argument, there will be other topics or ideas that you will have to define and consider depending on what the essay is about. The purpose of claims in an editorial is not to be fully souced points but something to be taken at face value as correct. Certain words and ways of bringing up the topic/ asking questions will make someone more willing to listen and feel less confronted by a question that may cause discomfort. Writers and servers both and the information and the goal of serving ether information or drinks and food, and the way that you use the information that you have to convince the reader or the diner to understand and want what you are trying to sell them. Don’t ask open-ended questions, don’t blame the source you used, don’t apologize for what you don’t have, and don’t contradict what the reader/ customer wants. The way that information is used can change the meaning of the information, and so you should use it to better explain and support the argument you are trying to make.


  23. kilotoon says:

    I would choose love and money. Love is because it is typically one of the great strives in life to find that person to experience it all with, and money is so I can pursue my passions with no financial setback to stop me.
    Discussed characteristics of a good definition essay by bringing up gay marriage
    Compared server to a writer
    Stay in charge of the subject matter, write your essay like you are an expert
    GUIDE reader to conclusion
    Do not ask open ended questions and prove the importance of your words.


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