With a half million disability cases stuck in a VA backlog, and an estimated 25 percent of Iraq/Afghanistan troops with PTSD not seeking treatment

The author uses a factual claim. It is a factual claim because it talks about the percentage of people who do not end up getting treatment.

They will hang in there until the last dog is dead

The author uses an Analogy Claim here. This makes a connection saying that military spouses will hang in there by their husbands side until they pass.

 And the vet who got fired from his job for being unstable and is now homeless, like 13,000 other vets under 30, who now lives with his wife and teenager in his car.

This is a Comparative Claim, the author uses this type of claim when comparing this vet to 13,000 others who are out of work and the same age group.

The whole point of FOV is trying to give people hope,” Brannan says. “Give people the tools to not give up.

This is a Casual Claim because it is stating that FOV will help give people hope and also give them the tools to help them have a better conscience and not give up.

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