My Hypothesis – CocoChanel715

  • Climate Change
  • Climate Change around the world
  • Climate Change in different elevations
  • The Coral Reef decreasing in size every year
  • The Arctic melting and getting significantly smaller
  • The snow caps on top of the mountains disappearing
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6 Responses to My Hypothesis – CocoChanel715

  1. davidbdale says:

    It took me awhile to see what you’ve done here, Coco. Your narrowed your topic for three steps and then used the last three to name narrow segments of your overall theme that climate change is affecting different parts of the natural world.

    That’s fine, but books have been devoted to the loss of arctic ice and the loss of snow peaks. Books too have been written about the loss of coral reefs. So ADDING TOGETHER three massive topics seems very excessive.

    Are you suggesting that there’s something fundamental (other than, say, increasing temperatures) that connect these three natural phenomena? For example, do they all employ feedback mechanisms?

    The ice cap reflects sunlight back into the atmosphere instead of absorbing the heat to warm the planet. Therefore, every loss of polar ice COMPOUNDS the problem by reducing the amount of heat that’s reflected, which means more heat is absorbed, which means more of the ice melts, ETC.

    That’s a less-familiar aspect of the way global warming ACCELERATES. So, if you found such a phenomenon that applied to your three examples, THAT CONCURRENCE of factors would be worth 3000 words to point out.

    As you investigate your first few sources, be on the alert for that sort of opportunity. As it stands, your draft Hypothesis doesn’t have it.

    Whether you revise or not, I expect you to respond to feedback, Coco, to show me you respect the process. Otherwise, I’ll be less likely to help out next time. Thanks!


  2. cocochanel715 says:

    Thank you for the feedback, I do have a question though; do you suggest that for the last three bullet points that i only use one and forget about the rest?


    • davidbdale says:

      That depends, Coco. If there’s a common cause or aspect of the three that connects them causally or thematically, then they might be manageable in a single 3000-word essay. But if you’re planning to spend 1000 words each on three unrelated consequences of a generic change in global temperature, then no, they should be separated, two discarded, and the most interesting one developed into a full argument. Does that help?


  3. davidbdale says:

    You haven’t responded since I left you a question on SEP 27, coco. We’ll chat about that later today in our Zoom conference. Don’t forget.


  4. cocochanel715 says:

    i have a few questions about the white paper draft, do you want to see where we are at on the paper and how far we have made in our research? should it be more notes based or formed into paragraphs?


    • davidbdale says:

      I think the assignment spells out the details clearly, Coco. There are sections for Hypotheses plural; there’s a section that’s literally called “Current State of My Research”; and the model shows that every source gets both a bibliographic listing and a paragraph or two of Purposeful Summary. A month has transpired since our last feedback on this question. You should be further along in the process.


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