Visual Rewrite – Senpai Pio


It starts off showing the front of a school with two girls walking. It pans over to a car with a girl sitting in the passenger seat. The girl has a blank stare. This causes her to look very lost and sad.


It is showing the girl with the blank girl. Her eyes are wondering to the sides which can make the audience infer that she is staring at other kids.


It shows the view of the girl and her mother sitting in the car from the back seat. The mother looks at what I assume is her daughter and looks straight. She does this a couple of times. I can infer that the mother knows something is wrong with her daughter, but does not know the words to say to help her out.


When the mother tried speaking to the girl, the daughter quickly turned her head in disgust. This helps the audience infer that the daughter does not want to speak to her mom.


The camera focuses on the kids outside the car who seem to be happy. It quickly focuses back to the girl. She puts her head down and sniffles. The sound of snot helps one infer that she is about to start crying.


The mother obviously knows something is wrong. She looks very concern due to the blank stare on her face. She begs the daughter to talk to her, but the daughter just shakes her head and explains that she is fine.


After having her head down, she picks it up and looks at her mom angrily explaining how she is fine. The audience can tell she is not due to the lost look on her face, the watery eyes, and the comfortless of the girl.


The girl angirly wipes her nose which helps the audience know that she is not okay. Often when crying, your nose starts to run. This happens to the girl. Due to the fact that she does not want to talk, she starts to get mad which one can tell by how aggressive her nose wipe was.

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2 Responses to Visual Rewrite – Senpai Pio

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’ve renamed this post Visual Rewrite because it’s the Rewrite, not the original version, on which we do feedback and which gets graded. This will also have to be part of your Portfolio, so I placed it in your Portfolio SenpaiPio category.

    It’s weak, but it’s better than a 00/100


  2. davidbdale says:

    Graded SAT APR 29


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