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My Hypothesis-toastedflatbread

Puppetry achievements Communication achieved through puppetry  The effect that puppetry has on an audience to communicate intense themes Puppets act as reflections on human life and therefore cause humans to sympathize and/or connect with them, which allows intense or difficult … Continue reading

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Summary #1 It seems counterintuitive that throughout history, men have defined rape and determined its severity, when women understand rape to its fullest extent. The past is full of examples of rape cases where males determine whether it was legitimate. … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—toastedflatbread

The world is too concerned with other emergencies to eradicate polio. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, borders in poor, Polio-active countries have been closed, shutting out connection to Polio vaccination teams. Additionally, the US pulled out of the fight against … Continue reading

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