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1.Daughters May 16, 2013 Helmet, Facemask, Shoulderpads, The pants, The shoes, and The ball

Background: Many of these suits of nature were represented mostly in the 1900s. The late 1800s is where the pants were discussed and expressed as being identified in our culture and compared to comfort. Interesting detail with princeton and rutgers and their first faceoff in late 1800s. Mandating numbers also began to become very common. Chicago in 1940s patented by a company called riddell on football plastic helmets. Otto Graham also very interesting made for him the version of facemask. Shoulder pads also developed in an explanation of nature of how men felt more at ease with the sport but were still being brutally damaged in the upper extremities. pants which were drastically hard to change became a huge trend. Once american games came up the gridiron of the shoe evolved.From white footballs for night games to watermelon shaped sized footballs the regularity of the football changed a lot over the years. Now days weight and standards which evolved very much from also other sports and ideas at the time such as redsox pitcher spalding and from ancient rome origination and pigbladder used as a football. I think the history of football has came a huge way.

How I used it : To beable to describe the origination and complexity of different remedies of the futile sport of the NFL. I wanted to break down the importance of relaying information and how far the sport has come. From displaying name of companies and advancing material to understanding the safety and the herditary genes that were used to understand the material the players were awarded to understand the complexity of competition. The NFL ( National Football League) a very extreme sport still adapting to the beliefs, interests, cultures and values of our favorite 32 NFL football teams.

2. Staff  Aug 18, 2017, 8:30am EDT

Backgound: Many of the propositional ideals inside the NFL had been determined over longer than a century of beliefs and norms. Which stated in this article that a lot of things have stayed the same. That is very true to a degree. The improvement of the NFL being one of the most important reasons for me writing this bibliography about such sport. First off developing an idea of being able to generate improvement in the NFL with the Eliminate the chain gang with a strong conjuction. A lot of the initiatives driven throughout the NFL have come from the hormone of happiness. This is a key for developing such a passion for the sport and helping everyone around to be able to temperamentally

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