A06: White Paper- Alivewit55

Contents Description

  • Introduction to the vast knowledge of our universe
  • Huge discussions created by Pluto’s planetary status
  • Is Pluto a planet or not

Practice Opening 1:

The great “Space Race” started in 1957, and led to the findings of billions of previously unknown objects throughout the universe. This feat is truly a compliment to mankind on the never-ending urge to pursue the knowledge of what is out there. All of the discoveries made by astronomers over the past sixty years has led us to the most controversial discussion about space in the public’s eye ever; whether or not Pluto should or should not be a planet. It is incredible to see how much drama and trouble a single floating object can create when we consider how much amazing stuff is out there in the world. However, enough attention has been brought to the argument of Pluto’s planetary status, causing it to be a hotly debated topic since its demotion nearly ten years ago. Many articles, blogs, arguments, and quotes have been broadcasted to the world debating this topic, it is interesting to evaluate these discussions and consider whether or not a verdict can be reached on Pluto’s identity.

Practice Opening 2:

The universe has been questioned and wondered about since the way beginning of mankind from reading the stars for direction, to Galileo’s discovery, to the “Space Race” of the 60’s and 70’s, up to present day with what is the most controversial topic in our entire universe. Pluto’s planetary status has been debated for the nearly the past ten years and has caused an outcry from the public on Pluto’s demotion made back in 2006. The qualities that are used to describe a planet were made clear by the IAU (International Astronomical Union), which has led to even more arguments being made on Pluto’s identity. There is a gray area considering Pluto’s status as a planet because it is such a strange phenomenon to have attained the qualities it has in its position in our solar system. However, due to the lack of cooperation between astronomers and a lack of action being taken, it looks like Pluto will be kept out of our planetary solar system due to some technicalities stated by the IAU.

Working Hypothesis 1:

The IAU and astronomers lack the motivation to officially come to a conclusion on Pluto’s planetary status, causing the debate to be carried on in the public eye rather than between specialists and the most knowledgeable members of the scientific community in the planetary studies.

Working Hypothesis 2:

Pluto will never be renamed a planet because there is nothing for the expert scientific community to gain from its reassignment to the status of being a planet.

Topics For Smaller Papers:

  • Is Pluto a planet?
  • Is Pluto not a planet?
  • Do astronomers really care about Pluto’s identity?
  • What can be done to satisfy the public about the Pluto conundrum.

Current State of Research:

I feel very confident that I have chosen something original to write about and I believe there is plenty of information out there to create a powerful position on Pluto’s planetary status. I know that I will be able to keep my paper concise and on topic because there are so many articles that give the same information, but allow me to create a position that will get my point across. Even though it is such a highly debated topic in the scientific community, there is not a lot of evidence that provides an ideal solution to the problem, or a single answer as to whether or not Pluto is a planet.

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