Money Causes Negative Behavior

Money is a problem whether we want to believe it or not. Nothing can be done to get rid of it though because it is essential in life to survive. It causes people to have behavioral problems. Some people don’t even realize the way it affects them because they are surrounded by people that act the same way. Money leads to people acting rude because they feel better than others when having a lot or they have grown to be greedy. Being rude is just the beginning of it, there are much worse situations that have escalated to violence. Money should not be as dangerous as it is.

There is inequality globally with everything. The poor are treated more unfairly than the rich are but when the less fortunate are put into positions with money they become greedy. This is expected but it shows how money takes the kindness out of people, it blinds them. There was an experiment held with University students and nationwide, to show how people act in situations of inequality. In the article “The rich are easily offended by unfairness” the author explains the game, “the proposer gives the responder an unfair offer of CN¥2, but keeps the remaining CN¥8 out of CN¥10. If the responder accepts the offer, each receives the proposed amounts; otherwise both receive nothing.” Low income people were likely to take the offer. It’s not surprising given that the money would help them but it shows how important money is in our world.

When growing up we tend to act like those around us, we may not know right from wrong when young but as we get older we learn the difference. We know who we should surround ourselves with and who we don’t want to be like. In the article “Money attitude-an abridgement” the article explains that individuals may have a negative behavior due to childhood experiences, education, financial and social status. These are all accurate to cause a persons change in behavior but it still doesn’t give them the right to be mean. Learned behavior could be changed, if we feel like the way we act is wrong then we should want to change. No one deserves to be mistreated due to the way we grew up. Poor people tend to be mistreated or belittled by people that are richer, they feel like they have a right to act disrespectful due to the amount of money they have.

Companies are even losing out on money due to the employees behavior. It’s not hard to be nice but some people never matured enough to know how to act. There is no excuse for an adult to have negative actions towards customers. The source “Rudeness at work: Impulse over restraint” states that this behavior drives customers away and although being rude isn’t an act of violence it could lead to that or worse. Money isn’t just causing behavior but behavior also causes the loss of money. People need to learn how to be more respectful because you never know what kind of day someone is having. Everyone wants to be treated with respect and kindness. Just because we are having a bad day it doesn’t mean we have to make someone else’s day bad.

Many behaviors can be picked up but we shouldn’t let money effect it. Money should not control the way we act or treat others. This has become a problem without anyone noticing, it’s become normal. It’s not normal to have stingy people or unfairness. We should not be against each-other. We have grown in a world that’s known to be rude, selfish, and needy. This doesn’t mean that it needs to continue to be like this. Just because our peers act a certain way it doesn’t make it right for us to. There is no reason to try and fit in. Disrespect gets you absolutely no where in life.


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