Visual Rewrite- calamariii


The opening shot of the ad shows what is most likely a male figure shown in shadow. We are following with the camera on his back while he is walking towards a lit end of the hallway, but the surrounding hallway around him is dark. The immediate sense that one takes from this shot is a sort of impending dread, as the shadows in the frame give a sense of weary and danger. As he walks towards the hallway, it seems like he might be walking towards something in particular which we do not know what it is yet. In the last second, he turns toward the camera, and the viewer gets the sense that he is checking to see if anyone is looking at him or following him.


The shot changes suddenly to a girl laying on the ground in a well-lit room. We are viewing her from above, as she seems to be reading or something relaxing. This starkly contrasts the previous shot, as how it is well lit takes a bit away from the sense of dread that the previous shot had. The well-lit room in comparison to the dark last room has a sense of safety to it and a feeling that the girl here is much safer than the other boy in the previous shot.


In this shot, we see what is most likely a child standing on a stool to be able to reach something on a shelf. . Because they is on a stool they are likely trying to get something out of reach that is normally inacessable. The edges of the frame in this shot are also shadowed, keeping up the feeling of something impending coming like in the first shot. The slow zoom-in on the kid also adds to the feeling of anticipation that the shot has.


The shot cuts back to the second shot with the girl from above in the well-lit room. We see her get off a bed and see her get off the bed and in a pan of the camera, it’s revealed that she is with another boy in the room, who is most likely her brother. The shot has the same bright liting as it still has a feeling of safety it had previously.


We see the same boy from the first shot, standing on somthing to reach up to something on the shelf. The room is dark but illuminated by a flashlight, idicating that this is a room that people in the house dont normally go into. What he is reaching for is also somthing that is not his or not supposed to be in his possession.


We go back to the same scene as the third shot as the child who was reaching up drops some of the items that were on the self. The room still has the same moody lighting that it had previously so it continues the previous feeling of anticipation. One of the idems that falls is a gun, but no focus is put upon it, it blends in with the rest of the items that fell, signifying the danger of not keeping it in a safe place and how that can lead to it getting in the wrong hands,


Going back the the brother and sister beside the bed, we watch them go under the bed. The camera, still at a birds eye view, follows the kids movement and holds on the bed. The implication based on the movement of the camera is that there is something under the bed or something will happen under the bed.


We see the boy from the first shot in the bathroom, with similar moody lighting. He is unwrapping something from a towel, which is diffucult to make out but can be assumed to be a gun. Alongside the previous scene, the viewer can understand that the boy most likey knew what was up on the shelf when he went up to get something. As well as knowing what he was doing would get him in trouble becuase he was doing it in the bathroom where no one else could see. This is a continuation from the idea in the first scene where he checked behind him knowing that what he was about to do he should not do and would get in trouble for.


We see the girl picking through the idems she dropped at 0:12, and her motion and view is caught by something. The viewers can barley make out the gun but it is obvous that something of note has caught her attention


It can be assumed because of the lighting and a carpet that this is a continuation of the previous scene. The shot goes to an extreme close-up of the gun on the ground, signifying that this is the thing that has gotten the girls attention. It lays among the other items that fell, again signifying that there was nothing done to seperate the gun from the other more average items like books and clothes, and the danger that can cause.


We see the brother and sister from the previous scene, now back besides the bed. They are innocently playing dressup with the clothes they found under the bed. Underneath them is a gun, which based on their actions they have no idea what it is and unaware of the danger. As these kids are too young to reconginze what is beneath them, the implied danger from the situation is an accident where one of them could fire the gun, unaware to what it can do.


We go back to the boy in the bathroom, with the framing of this shot being his waist and up. His arms are down and together, and we presume he is holding the gun below frame that he had previouly unwrapped. It looks like he cocks the gun, then follows with a surpised look up. It can be assumed that he knows what guns are and maybe vaguley how they work, but is too young to understand the full gravity of what he has.


After the boy looks up, the screen cuts to black and we see the message of the ad, about the safety in gun storage. All of the kids in the ad were able to get access, intentioally or not, to something they don’t understand and shouldn’t be able to reach.

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