The topic I have chosen to research is how the media portrays body image in all aspects. Whether it be music, movies, or any other form of media, women are always portrayed to have slim and slender bodies with enhanced assets. What my objective for this research essay is, is to analyze why the media feels the need to portray women that way and also how it effects female entertainers, actors, singers, etc. What I hope to gain more knowledge about is exactly how many directors or artists are striving to give women in the industry a whole new look by saying “all women do not have to look like this.”

  1. Female Body Image and the Mass Media: Perspectives on How Women Internalize the Ideal Beauty Standard

I believe this article from Westminister Myriad will help provide me with solid research about different ways female body image is portrayed in the media and how it effects women

2. Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

Dove’s real beauty campaign started in 2004 and created a global conversation about the need for a wider definition of beauty. This source would be applicable to help finding company’s and organizations that want to change the look of female body image in America. It will give me resources to help my readers understand that what is portrayed in the media as female body image is not fair and is not accurate.

3. Women’s Bodies in Advertising

This article will help give insight into how body image is portrayed for advertising purposes

4. Body Image

This source is from the Government of Western Australia Department of Health, but explains how body image effects health and gives tips on building self-esteem and body confidence.

5. Celebrity Body Image Quotes: 10 Young Stars Open Up About Weight & Self-Esteem

This article in the huffington post brings the sight of body image from the eyes of celebrities. Celebrities are the ones that struggle the most with body image so hearing what these 10 young stars have to say about body image will make for a good source to help identify the problem with how women are portrayed in the media.

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2 Responses to Proposal+5—dt2018

  1. dt2018 says:

    Feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    P1. By “portray body image” I imagine you mean that producers, directors, and casting agencies hire only “slim and slender bodies with enhanced assets.” Is that right?

    That doesn’t so much “portray body image” as it selects actresses TV producers think will attract viewers. Do you agree? That does not in any way say to women and girls: This is how you should look. It does say: We believe this is what you like to see.

    On the other hand, the prevalence of slender women on TV and in movies DOES tell actresses, singers, and other performers (including weather girls and news correspondents): this is how you have to look to be on TV.

    I just want your argument to be clear. TV doesn’t say: Look like this or you are nothing. TV does say: Look like this or don’t apply for work here.

    1. It may help you, but your description does nothing to help the reader of this post know what the article contains.

    2. The “wider definition of beauty” is an intriguing idea, and I’m familiar with the Dove campaign, so this is a little bit helpful, dt. But again, to be clear about your thesis. What’s “unfair” or “not accurate” about the images of women seen in the media?

    3. Doesn’t help me.

    4. Does it warn against binge dieting by girls trying to achieve model proportions? You’ve misunderstood the purpose of this assignment, dt. It’s not merely a place to store links to your sources. Its purpose is to make you begin to shape your own thinking by making purposeful summaries of the articles you’re reading, AND describe for a reader who has not already read those articles How You Will Use The Article to support your clearly-stated thesis.

    5. Yes, it sounds useful. But you haven’t summarized it or explained what you’ll use it to prove.

    I’m sorry to sound so negative, dt, but there’s not much here to provide feedback on.

    Reply, please.


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