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Working Hypothesis – In my paper, I will be researching why getting rid of letter grades will improve student engagement, learning, and confidence. I’ll mainly focus my research to studies and schools that might have already made this switch.

Source 1: https://www.learningliftoff.com/schools-change-grading-system-drop-letter-grades/

This article highlights the most used arguments against the letter grade system. A student’s final grade doesn’t fully reflect their comprehension of the subject. It’s usually the average score of multiple assignments, so an incomplete project or missed homeworks can severely impact the letter grade.

Source 2: https://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2017/11/14/significant-learning-benefits-getting-rid-grades-essay

This essay looks at this problem on the psychological side, when stating that good letter grades don’t truly motivate students. This lack of motivation leads to the minimax principle, where students try to do as little as possible for the best grade. Not because they’re motivated for the higher letter grade, but because they feel like they have to.

Source 3: https://www.npr.org/local/309/2020/02/28/810325384/public-schools-try-ditching-a-to-f-letter-grades

This article focuses on “progressive schools”, or some schools that are working on changing up it’s grading system and changing the way students perceive school and learning. These schools are slowly transitioning into these new ways, so they give out frequent progress reports that gives students, and parents a better understanding on what is going on in the classroom.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    When you first posted it, this was a preliminary assignment. It didn’t pass then, but now it’s even further behind where it should be, Anonymous.

    Use this White Paper to take Notes and record your impressions of your sources AS YOU READ THEM, the best way to begin converting your research material into language of your own you can export to your short arguments when it’s time to draft them.

    This post will be regraded from time to time, or on your specific request.


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