Class Notes 9/16/21- Disneylover2002

Today in class, we talked about purposeful summaries. Purposeful summaries should not just summarize what you read; a purposeful summary should turn into an argument.  Don’t waste your time trying to write everything you see or hear on the outline. What you remember is the critical part, and what you forget is not needed. In addition, you should not cite the author when writing a purposeful summary. We also learned how to categorize our work on the blog and how to ask for feedback. We ended by going over the task we need to complete over the next couple of days. 

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2 Responses to Class Notes 9/16/21- Disneylover2002

  1. davidbdale says:

    Disneylover, these Notes belong at the bottom of the Agenda page for every class you attend. They’re not supposed to be posts. I could transfer them to the bottom of the Agenda for Class 03, THU SEP 16, but I can’t pretend that you placed them there. It would appear that I was leaving Notes for class myself.

    If you will copy and paste them yourself and continue to use the Reply field below the Agendas every class day, I’d appreciate it.

    05 Class THU SEP 16


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