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Definition Rewrite – chickendinner

A Brief History of Money Money: everyone wants it. Whenever a purchase occurs, the buyer acts in belief the product will provide more benefit than the money spent, and that it does not cost more than it would somewhere else … Continue reading

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Not Because – chickendinner

1. Coats’ firing was not for using marijuana. After all, he had a prescription to use it and was entirely within his legal right. Coats was fired becase he violated workplace policy. 2. An employee taking medicine to mitigate their … Continue reading

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Reflective – chickendinner

Core Value 1. My work demonstrates that I used a variety of social and interactive practices that involve recursive stages of exploration, discovery, conceptualization, and development. I improved upon my definition/categorical essay using advice and commentary I received. Core Value … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography – chickendinner

Asmundson, I. Oner, C. 2012. What Is Money? Finance and Development, Vol. 49, No. 3, Background: A concise but informative exploration of the history and defintion of money. How I Used It: Reinforce my pre-existing knowledge about the history … Continue reading

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Research – chickendinner

Social media’s expedient nature, while creating the possibility of engagement in situations where it would be otherwise impossible, provides participants with an excuse for opting out of deeper, more personal forms of socialization. Emily Drago, writing in the Elon Journal … Continue reading

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Enough About You – chickendinner

Money has a big role in every post-barter society; without it, little gets done. Money is valuable in various ways, even when unseen. In today’s society, having faith in the government and in the banking system, and that money is being … Continue reading

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Grammar Exercise – chickendinner

If primary caretakers have a negative attitude towards their child, it increases the risk that the child will grow up hostile towards others. And it’s not just aggression towards others that results from child abuse; a large number of children … Continue reading

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Robust Verbs – chickedinner

Heroin addicts turn to crime to fuel their addiction in the streets of Vancouver, and a program providing these addicts with heroin for free offers a solution. These heroin addicts have sent crime rates skyrocketing, and it is clear that … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite – chickendinner

The Emergence of Cryptocurrency Given the vital role money plays in any post-barter economy, questions of what form it should take, how it should be supplied, and who should make decisions about it are naturally a subject of debate. Yet … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite – chickendinner

Social media has made interpersonal interaction nearly effortless, enabling a generation of people to engage with a greater number of people more frequently than was ever possible for those who came before. At the same time, it has made our … Continue reading

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