1.“History of EuromaidanInsider. Web. 18 November 2015

Background: The article provides chronological story with supporting videos of Ukrainian Revolution 2013, how it started, when it ended, what was going on for few months, including numbers and dates.

How I Used It: It was one of my basic sources,  most of the basic information I got from it. Dates, statistics and most of events in chronological order I got from this source.

2.”Yanukovych was not stealing hats. He was convicted of stealing a watch” Ukrainian Truth. Web. 27 May 2004. 18 November 2015

Background: One of the articles, that was published long time before Euromaydan and Yanukovich’ presidency, telling us about Ukrainian president’s young years.  It include interview with his accomplice in theft, witness, and the judge.

How I Used it: In my Causal Argument I’m talking about Ukrainian president’s history, providing some information about his life before he became a famous politician.

3. “Activists handed the president more than 1 million signatures in support of the integration of Ukraine with the EU” Korrespondent Web 23 November 2013. 18 November 2015

Background: One of the first articles of Ukrainian Revolution. The journalist is talking about activists that in 3 weeks collected more than 1 million signatures to support the integration.

How I Used It: I haven’t used these numbers in any of my papers, mostly because I provided minimum of the information about how revolution started, but I used it for my own inspiration and basic knowledge.

4. “Maydan at Night: protesters sing songs, drink tea and bicker with police” Korrespondent. Web 22 November 2013. 18 November 2015

Background: Reports about students on the Independence Square, police forces gathering nearby and the first days of peaceful protests that started before Yanukovich failed to sign the agreement with EU.

How I Used It: In my papers, I used it to explain how and where students started gathering, how they were acting, and how many of them were there.

5.”On the European Square in Kiev meeting of the supporters of European integration has begunKorrespondent. Web 24 November 2013. 18 November 2015

Background: Article about people gathering on main squares and getting ready to vote by raising hands later at night. Author tells about mood and number of people, about politicians from the opposition that were leading the crowd.

How I Used It: It was  part of my information about reaction of people on the violence against the peaceful students’ protests.

6.”President of the European People’s Party called on Yanukovych to “respect the European choice of the Ukrainian people Korrespondent. Web 25 November 2013. 18 November 2015

Background: The article about European politicians trying to convince Yanukovich to sign the agreements with European Union, and respect millions of people that were supporting this idea.

How I Used It: In one of my papers I mentioned how even European politicians were trying to convince the stubborn president. However I didn’t mention any specific names.

7. “Poroshenko: We are moving away from the “scoop” * and not from RussiaKorrespondent. Web 26 November 2013. 18 November 2015

Background: Interview with one of the richest people in Ukraine, the influential Ukrainian businessman and politician Petro Poroshenko about the integration with the EU and why people don’t want to build relationship with Russia.

How I  Used It: One of the reasons Ukrainians don’t would prefer to build relationship with EU than with Russia is because, many people’s mentality in Russia “got stacked” in the years of Soviet Union, while most of Ukrainian have already moved on.

*scoop – slang version of “USSR” in post-Soviet countries.

8.”Mykola Azarov: Further consultations between the EU and Ukraine should be held with the participation of RussiaKorrespondent. Web 27 November 2013. 18 November 2015

Background: The official report of the Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU. Prime-minister of Ukraine, Mykola Azarov insisted on the participation of Russia in consultations, so Russian side will make sure that agreement satisfies all Ukrainian and Russian needs. Also, Ukraine and Russia were mentioned as one side of participants.

How I Used It: In Rebuttal Argument I’m talking about pros and cons of relationship with Russia, and this was one of disturbing factors to me, how much Russia has to participate in Ukrainian International relationship, and how Ukraine has to depend on the country that is no more than one of the neighbors.

9. “Radio Liberty: New Year’s anthem MaydanKorrespondent. Web 20 January 2014. 18 November 2015

Background: Article about celebration of 2014 New Year on the Independence Square when protesters at midnight all together sang the Ukrainian National anthem.

How I Used It: In my papers I was telling about people spending all winter, including holidays, on the main square in Kiev.

10. “One of policeman was throwing rocks and protesters and trying to provoke them with obscene gesturesKorrespondent. Web 20 January 2014. 18 November 2015

Background: One of the reports with supporting video about policeman’s behavior and aggressive provocations.

How I Used It: I watched the video for my own education, so I could be sure that I’m not just making up the aggression from the special forces’ side.

11.  “‘Sportsmen’ entered In Mariinsky Park from the side of Arsenalna stationKorrespondent. Web 20 January 2014. 18 November 2015

Background: Report about young males looking like sportsmen passing through the police circle without any restrictions. Earlier many other reports would include information with supporting videos and photos of  some hired provokers from the presidential party that would start aggressive fights with police, to allow police use force against the protesters and then “sportsmen” would go deep behind policemen.

How I Used It: I talked about paid supporters of the president, those people were some of the most aggressive provokers, that never agreed with the fact that they supported the president.

12.”Protester Gavrilyuk described how he was abused policeman Web 25 January 2014.18 November 2015

Background: The article with a video evidence about policeman’s brutal violence, beating up and taking off all the clothes of one of the protesters, mocking him, recording and taking pictures of poor hurt naked man outside in snow in cold winter.

How I Used It: I did not describe this specific situation, however, I used this information for better description of aggression and violence against protesters.

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