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Giving Addicts Drugs Is Temporary

Vancouver’s new policy in which they supply heroin addicts with their own supply of other drugs is brewing up a whole new batch of controversy. The purpose of doing it is to hopefully alleviate violence in the streets and allow the addicts to no longer have to focus on getting their fix and instead can focus on improving their lives in other ways, such as starting to hold down a job or spend more time with family. But soon after proposing this, a key question always follows. What are the repercussions if this does not go according to plan? Is it possible for this to spin out of control to a degree worse than imaginable?

The core of the potential lies in the fact that the government is actively handing out illegal substances to citizens. This can be abused, quite frankly. The possibility of perhaps selling the obtained drugs becomes a critical concern, and officials warn against this. In reality, the only way something like this would happen is if regulation somehow reaches an all-time low.

Work Cited:

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