Visual – chickennugget246

0:00 – 0:01

The ad starts with a young man kneeling on the ground rolling up a mat. He seems to be very focused on his task as if he is getting ready to go somewhere. He is clean shaven, casually dressed, and inside a well-kept room which seems to be inside of a nice home. He is exhaling a mouth full of smoke while he is completing the task. 

0:01- 0:02

The next scene is another man packing up a yellow duffel bag. We only see his arms which appear to be wearing a nice dress shirt, with his sleeves cuffed up a couple of times, indicating a nicer day outside.

0:02 – 0:03

The next scene is what seems to be that very same young man, casually but nicely dressed. He is walking down a set of stairs holding a bag on each of his shoulders and also carrying a bag in his right hand. As he is walking down the stairs, he is exhaling a mouthful of smoke. At this point, it appears these two young men could be friends and possibly going on a trip together. 

0:03 – 0:06

Now, we are shown a close-up of a female, walking towards what seems to be a door of a house, as she is exhaling smoke. As she turns to her left, she sees the second man smiling at the front door. She is also dressed casually and they both appear to be friends. From the text  on the screen said by the young man, “Yo camping buddy,” we now know that this is a camping trip with friends. 

0:06 – 0:07

The yellow duffel bag is tossed by a man into the trunk of an SUV which already seems to be full of other bags, blankets, a tent bag, and a cooler. It looks like a sunny, beautiful day, but it could be a little cool due to the clothing being worn by the people. 

0:07 – 0:08

The two men are walking to the trunk of the SUV to pack their bags, they seem to be very friendly with each other and in good spirits. One of the men says, “Hey, you guys ready.” This statement also indicates that others will be accompanying them on this trip.

0:08 – 0:10

Now, a blonde haired girl walks in the direction of the two men, passes the other female and she, too, exhales a large mouth full of smoke. The second man closes the trunk of the SUV vehicle and we can assume that all four friends are in the SUV since we see the passenger side doors on the SUV closing.

0:10 – 0:17

The first man is in the passenger front seat wearing a seatbelt. Both women and the second man are in the back seats with their seat belts fastened. The man in the front passenger seat looks behind him at the other man in the back seat and says from the text displayed on the screen, “Dude, I thought you were driving.” He then replies to the first girl and says, “I thought you were driving.” Then, the first girl says with a concerned look on her face, “Oh, I never thought I was driving.” Lastly, the Blonde girl chimes in and says “I – I definitely can’t drive.” 

0:17 – 0:26

Then, after an initial look of disappointment and shock, all four friends realize the trip will not happen because they are all too high to drive. This initial let-down quickly turned into smiles, laughter, and acceptance on all of their faces.They all realize that they are too high to drive. So, they exit the vehicle at once, go to the trunk, and open it to unpack all of their bags.

0:26 – 0:30

Next scene, all four of the friends, all the same age, are now sitting out front of the house talking and laughing with each other. Three of them are in what look like camping chairs and one man is sitting on the ground. The four friends are all sitting in a semi-circle next to a vehicle, with a big blanket on the ground under them, it seems to be that they are sitting near a driveway. The two men high-five each other. The text on the screen says, “If you feel different, you drive different.” 

Rhetoric:  The director chose this particular scenario to show the audience that being responsible when you are knowingly under the influence of any drug, is imperative. This act saves lives. As little or as much intake of any drug, legal or illegal, cannot ever be combined with driving a motor vehicle. In the last scene, when all four friends finally discover that each of them “smoked,” it was clear that they knew, immediately, they were not driving and that their trip was done. A smart move on their part. They could have saved each other’s lives that day with that one decision. 

Logos: This part of the video is when we individually see each one of the friends come into the scene exhaling smoke. It is from that moment when we, as the audience, realize that the trip needs to be called off immediately. It is logical to the audience that drugs interfere with and impair one’s senses.

Pathos: We feel for the characters that, after so much work and preparation, the trip is not going to happen. 

Ethos: This is an awareness video and a drug impaired video. The author sends a message that you cannot ever drive under the influence.

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