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Save your money – don’t support the revolution!

When there’s a revolution in a country, you can’t be sure about anything anymore. The economics starts falling apart, some places may be dangerous to attend, and people may get in a real trouble for expressing their point of view on the issues.

When in November 2013 Ukrainian president failed to sign the agreement with European Union, Ukrainian society had controversial feelings about the situation. Some of the Eastern Ukrainians were blindly supporting Yanukovich for many years, even after he failed to improve the quality of life and imposed new taxes, making it even harder for the people with low income. However the rest of the country was against the Russian direction and was looking forward to become closer to European Union.

After real revolution started and people occupied many important public and some government building and central streets of the city. Many stores and companies could not function properly or at all for about 3 months. Because revolution started, lots of the foreign businessmen stopped investing their money in the country, many small companies were either really struggling, or just fell apart.

The price of Ukrainian currency on the International Market started speedily decrease, which shortly caused into increasing prices for all the products. With the same salaries and prices up to two times higher than usual, many people had a really hard time, most of them even without participating in the revolution. Hundreds of people that were supporting revolution financially from other cities would find their cars completely broken with the threatening notes, some people would be kidnapped and get beaten by some shady persons.

The agreement with European Union was going to make Ukrainian economics struggle for a while, which would affect everyone. However, students made a decision that it has to be signed and later, millions of people were fighting against the president and wanted him no longer to be their leader.

Not signing papers with EU would be followed by improving relationship with Russia. The country would eventually become a part of Russian Federation, enriching their economy and destroying Ukrainian. Yanukovich was known for years as a shady corrupt president, but there was not enough evidence against him, mostly because all the judges, high officials from the opposition were replaced with pro-presidential representatives.  The corruption would keep increasing, slowly turning democracy into absolute dictatorship.

People that decided to join revolution were mostly fighting AGAINST worsening the situation in the country, they got tired of a leader who does not lead country to the better future, but takes advantage of his high position for himself and his own family. New president wouldn’t necessarily rapidly solve all the problems in the country, but it was clear, that presidential madness and greed surpassed all the limits of disgrace of a normal human being.

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