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FBI negligence connected to Stoneman Douglas school shooting


this article covers the FBI’s poor handling of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting, where a confidant of Nicholas Cruz warned the FBI threw the PAL tip line. He stated that Cruz had a detartrating mental state, had firearms readily available, and had spoken ambitions of conducting a mass shooting. Upon hearing this information the FBI ignored the mans warnings and months later tragedy struck Stoneman Douglas high school because of the FBI’s unforgivable negligence.

the squid ink tattoo scandal


this reference talks about a massive sting operation conducted across the entire US, in predominately low income areas. In one case the ATF set up a sting house at a smoke shop. This smoke shop was frequented by a young man before the ATF had aquired the location, agents that had been posing as workers or the shop approached the man and became friends with him, knowing that the man normally frequented the spot alone. They told him to aquire drugs, firearms, and contact information/the trust of criminals. After networking in dangerous enviornments the man had made a close friend among others that were not as close. The man and his friend were told by agents to get neck tattoos of the fictional smoke shop and were paid $150 each to do so, many believe that the ATF wanted this done to help the reputation of the smoke shop so it wasn’t believed to be a fraudulent business with the soul pperpose to entrap criminals.

the Hepting VS AT&T and the ninth circuit court transcripts

in 2006, Gregory hicks, Carolyn Jewel, erik Knutzen, and tash hepting sued/appelled the United States government and AT&T on the grounds that the government and AT&T were collaborating to syphon  information from American civilians and servey them at will.

To keep it short, the case was moved to the ninth circuit because the united states district court for the northern district of California rejected the governments motion to dismiss the case stating that disclosing such information could jeperdise national security. When the case was appealed to the ninth circuit it was dismissed, on June 3rd, 2009; this was achieved by citing the FISA amendment acts (which were amended in 2008). This effectively put an end to Heptings battle for the truth but it did help inspire the Electronic Frontier Foundation to continue their efforts on other related cases such as Jewel V. NSA.

State Secret Privilege


the State Secret Privilege is and evidentiary rule, when it is applied to a case it calls for an exclusion of evidence on the grounds that said evidence may expose or harm US security.

First, the government must provide an affidavid, which is usually easiely abtainable, they then present the court with the affidavid and state that this official condones these actions (dismissal of evidence) and highly advises the courts to drop the evidence. When this motion is granted any evidence pretaining to the privilege is completely removed from the litigation.

the crash of the b-29 aircraft and the origin of the sectet privilege


this inncodent is when the state secret privilege was created. In 1948, a secret test flight was conducted over Waycross, Georgia, the aircraft was a B-29 military bomber that was upgraded with classified electronic equipment. Onboard were nine crew members and four civilian observers, six of the nine crewman and three of the four observers were killed when a fire that occurred in one of the engines. After the incident, widows of the fallen service men and civilians filed a suit with the government for answers. The law suit lead nowhere however, the US government stated that sensitive information was at stake and the disclosure of evidence was inherently dangerous.

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