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The above claim uses three claims factual, credible, and definition, to better help the reader understand deeper what trauma really is and how it affects a person. This article tells reasons why we can trust the information that is written in this article. The use of the actual definition of what trauma is and how it affects those around it.

“The human brain has an enormous amount of plasticity. New cells are born every day. New connections can be made. The good news is, teleologically speaking if we didn’t have the ability to recover from brain injury, we’d have ended up as somebody’s breakfast.”

The above claim is attributive. Relating brain injury to “being someone’s breakfast” is not something that can be verified. It is a metaphor that simplifies the extremeness of brain injuries. Brain plasticity is when your brain changes its connections or rewires itself for new information.

“With a full-time job—as a VA nurse, actually—she could no longer manage his emotional plus physical problems: rheumatism consults, neuro consults for TBI, plus a burning rash on both feet he got in Fallujah in 2004. “

The above claim is categorical. By listing the specific instances of James Peterson’s physical issues. By listening to the different ailments Peterson suffers since returning from a deployment in Iraq, you are able to understand the difficulties of taking care of him.

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