18 THU MAR 23

Class 18 THU MAR 23

Riddle: Does Not Understand Doors

How should this sign be re-written to clearly communicate the author’s intention?

Wake Up

The Braille Riddle


  • The New Portfolios FA22 Category
  • Your personal Portfolio Category (e.g. Portfolio NoneOfYourBusiness)
  • Place BOTH your Definition Argument AND your Definition Rewrite into your new personal Portfolio category.
  • Place your Visual Rewrite into your new personal Portfolio category.
    • DO NOT place your Visual post into your Portfolio category.


  • In-Class Exercise: Critique a Draft Causal Argument

By the End of the Day

  1. Start a post titled “Causal—Username.” and another titled “Causal Rewrite—Username.”
  2. If you’re ready to start an actual Causal Argument, use this class time to begin the actual process in the “Causal—Username” post.
  3. If you’re not ready to start writing for real, address your Professor in the first sentence, “I could use some help getting started, Professor.” Something like that.
  4. “Here’s what I have so far,” you might continue, “Since I’m researching the connection between actual crime and crime statistics, I think the cause-and-effect relationship is crucial to my thesis. We THINK that when more crime is committed, the CRIME RATE will reflect that in higher numbers. But actually, it’s the NUMBER OF CRIMES REPORTED AND LAWS ENFORCED that count in
  5. the statistics. So . . . “
  6. And before you know it, you’ll be writing your causal argument.
  7. Put the post into the Feedback Please category and the Causal Argument category, and publish it by the end of the day.
  8. Tell me specifically what kind of Feedback you want.

Portfolio Task

  • DUE Portfolio Task Causal Argument
    • DUE TUE NOV 08  (11:59pm MON NOV 07)

19 Responses to 18 THU MAR 23

  1. littlecow24 says:

    -Some don’t realize how difficult it can be to be blind and have to do something like taking notes in high school. Although you may have paper to help you by being able to push dots in, you still have to work backwards to read the notes after
    -There was a very clever pattern created to help children memorize the alphabet better and to create a better sense of what letter is what
    -At intersections, Europe has created a system for people who are blind to be able to know where they are

    -Doctor Kim Adcock was tasked with making radiology readings as accurate as possible.
    -Nobody was learning anything from the failures, and people who weren’t very good at the job weren’t getting fired


  2. levixvice says:

    Class Notes-11/2/2021
    Why is there braille at the drive-thru window? Is what it says from braille format; because people who are blind will understand the procedure and will not feel uncomfortable because they don’t know what to do. Counterintuitive Predictions is your condensed version that must predict the outcomes if there is truth in it, why it happened, and whether it is a good or bad thing in three statements.


  3. minutemen14 says:

    -Brilliant method of simplifying the alphabet to use 6 dots within a box to depict all letters
    -First 10 letters use top half of 6 dot grid
    -Second half add bottom left corner to all (last 5 add bottom 2 dots)
    -Numbers use an on/off switch indicator which then uses first 10 symbols for numbers 0-10
    Riddle- Why is there Braille at the drive through window?

    Advertising Failure
    -Doctor Kim A. Adcock’s tested his staff to see who could and couldn’t determine whether there was breast cancer concerns in a patient’s mammogram
    -The goal was to improve accuracy so there were the least about of false negatives and false positives
    -They found that in the past, even the best medical teams were only getting 80% correct.

    Counterintuitive Predictions
    -Determining whether statements are True/False Reasonable/ Unreasonable. Right or Wrong.
    -Summarizing the article even when not reading it other than the premisses.
    -Are Doctors being held to their accuracy?


  4. ilovedunkinoverstarbucks says:

    Braille riddle:
    -Why is there braille at the drive through window?
    -Answer to the riddle
    COunter Intuitive Predictions:
    -True or false
    -What occurs in the world may not always be reasonable, logical, or right it still may be true
    -Reasonable or unreasonable
    -People act for reasons other than logic;among them sympathy, loyalty, hope, fear, vested interest, greed and ineptitude
    -Right or wrong
    -Decisions based on logic or reason can be ethical and moral or vise versa
    -Your summary
    -Even without reading the actual article you should be able to produce a better summary


  5. Lunaduna says:

    Braille Riddle
    – There is a pattern on the first row on the alphabet a-j, that is used for the rest of the letters (k-t and u-z), except for W.
    – Using a backward L, means the difference between numbers and letters.
    -Why is there braille at the drive-thru window?

    Counterintuitive Predictions
    – True or false
    – Reasonable or unreasonable
    – Right or wrong
    – Your summary
    (Discussed the morals of mammograms – “false negatives, and false positives.”)


  6. zzbrd2822 says:

    In class today, we discussed the topic of writing in Braille and its hardships. We brought our attention to a topic that doesn’t cross our minds on a daily basis and learned how the Braille alphabet came to be. We then decoded a message in Braille that read” why is there Braille at the drive-thru window.” Next, we talked about false negatives and false positives. We used an advertising failure as an example of counterintuitivity in medicine. Lastly, we did an in-class exercise that took us to the end of class where we made counterintuitive predictions regarding statements made about the Mammogram team at Kaiser Permanente Hospital.


  7. friendoftacos says:

    Braille is a very helpful tool for people who are blind to learn how to read. Predictions can be true or false. What occurs in the world is not always logical, but it can be true. Predictions can also be reasonable or unreasonable and right or wrong.


  8. toastedflatbread22 says:

    Warm Up
    -We learned about braille and how incredible it is
    -Braille was created in an ingenious way because it essentially repeated one pattern three times to create the alphabet, and then used the same patterns for numbers but created an indicator for letters or numbers
    -There is also braille on crosswalks so that blind people know that they are in a crosswalk
    -Riddle: Why is there braille at the drive thru window?
    Counterintuitive Predictions
    -One radiologist who examined for breast cancer noticed that there was no keeping track of false positives or false negatives while checking for cancer, so nobody was learning from their mistakes


  9. kingofcamp says:

    – Being open to world around us
    – The power of the human intellect to solve problems
    – Brail warmup
    o reviewing how to take notes in brail
     have to take notes backwards (in brail)
     the simplicity of the brail system
    • repeating characters with a slight change (one or two dots added)
     brail for your feet (at intersections)
    o Riddle: Why is there brail at the drive-through window?
    Counterintuitive Predictions
    – Background information on a real-life story
    o Radiologist: Kim Adcock
    o Adcock discovered that no one was keeping track of the accuracy rate of anyone on his team
    o No one was learning anything from the failures
    o Nothing good about the situation
    o All he did was put charts on a public board– calling team members out; people were learning from each other
    o How does this become counterintuitive?

    After finishing the notes, the class was assigned an in-class task— respond to fifty claims (it was a short task; nothing too lengthy).


  10. nugget114 says:

    Braille Riddle
    Today in class we started off by discussing braille and the intelligence behind it. We discussed the brilliance behind a 17 year old french boy to create braille with a 6 dot system and still cover all the bases. We did a riddle that said “Why is there braille at the drive through window” in braille, this is because they use the same machine for walk-ups that they do for drive-through.

    Fixing Mammogram Inaccuracies
    Doctor Kim Adcock wanted to test how accurate mammogram consultations were. He found that over the years, some of the best were only catching 80% of the issue which means they’re still missing 2 out of every 10 cases. Adcock wanted to reduce the number of false positives and false negatives.

    Counterintuitive Predictions
    Determine whether I believe 50 statements are true/false, reasonable/unreasonable, right/wrong from an article. By doing this we will have an understanding of the whole article without actually reading it in a very condensed version. On top of that, by determining our view on the statement we are making our own very condensed summary.


  11. sunshinegirl457 says:

    Today we discussed how the bumps on platforms near intersections or train tracks are actually a type of Braille for your feet. I never gave it any thought before but it lets blind people know not to take another step forward and be careful. The 17 year old who invented Braille found a way to fit every letter and number into a six-dotted system. The riddle was “why is there Braille at the drive-through window?”. This actually made me chuckle because it’s something I haven’t noticed, but will definitely be pointing out to my friends and family next time I run into it.
    Doctor Kim A. Adcock noticed problems with the accuracy of mammograms and came up with a brilliant solution. Charts were put out ranking the readers, congratulating the best ones and putting pressure on the worse ones to step up their game. This made for more successful evaluation of the mammogram films, and therefore more correct diagnoses. The sad truth is, however, not many hospitals adopted this idea because we live in a counterintuitive world.
    We went over some of the past deadlines and where we should be in terms of our papers. A good amount of time was spent deciding if the 50 mammogram arguments were true or false, and evaluating the counterintuitivity of each topic.


  12. imaspookyghost says:

    Talked about the brilliant creation of brail, and how it is an argument.
    braille riddle.
    the world is much more fascinating than we think it is.
    The story of Doctor Kim Adcock
    true/false statements regarding mammograms


  13. frogs02 says:

    Today we talked about braille and how brilliant it is. There are patterns in this trend and braille is everywhere, even the drive-through window. Brilliant method of simplifying the alphabet to use 6 dots within a box to depict all letters. Counterintuitive Predictions: True or false, reasonable or unreasonable, right or wrong, and your summary. (Discussed the morals of mammograms – “false negatives, and false positives.”) The article was about how many mammograms give false results and clear women for no tumors and later come back a few months later with tumors. Many doctors seem like they miss tumors more often than they should. Women that receive false-negative or false-positive results are either freaking out about a tumor they don’t have or are relieved for a tumor they do have. Women who receive a false negative are most likely not coming back for a check-up. This article focuses mostly on the inaccuracy of the doctors. Most of the time the hospitals are sued. Doctors’ failure to scope out a tumor can result in malpractice lawsuits. It seems like the doctors need to look over more films of tumors and study more.


  14. ziggy026 says:

    Counterintuitive predictions
    True or false
    Reasonable or unreasonable
    Right or wrong
    Your summary
    Why is there Braille at the drive-thru window?


  15. Lily4Pres says:

    Warm Up:
    Braille is a miraculous idea. We see it in our everyday lives all the time, such as floor plates on sidewalks. Braille was invented by a genius as well. A-J we find ourselves looking at unique patterns four the top 4 dots on a 6 dot plane. To figure out the next 16 letters, the inventor decided to utilize the bottom left dot and add it on to the initial A-J, translating it to K-T. With the remaining 6, U-Z, the inventor utilized the bottom right dot using the same 4 dot pattern for A-J. This is great and all but we’re missing the numbers. Don’t worry, the inventor has a solution to that as well. With the remaining unique options of the 6 dot plain, he created a pattern that simply meant #. After applying this, the initial A-J would translate to the 1-0 digits. Whenever one would want to switch their audience back to alphabetical values, the # pattern flipped would show that.
    Why is there braille at the drive-thru window? – Walk up windows and drive-thru windows have the same build. It’s not for blind drivers fortunately.
    Advertising Failure:
    Doctor Adcock was given the issue where he had to solve a radiology crisis. The readings were not 100% accurate (below 80%), but nobody was learning from the mistakes being made. Instead they were shooed under the table. With incorrect tests, comes false negatives and false positives. Simultaneously, no one was keeping track of these records. So Adcock created charts to track these concepts.


  16. calamariii says:

    We learned about the genius of braille and how it was created in the best way possible to figure out of to best create a language for the blind. We looked at claims and made presumptions on the meaning of those claims to try and understand the article without reading it


  17. strawberryfields4 says:

    Braille Warm Up
    -Human ingenuity
    -Brilliantly created the entire alphabet, while able to repeat the pattern with small distinguishing differences
    -Take time to appreciate the fact that the entire alphabet AND numbers are represented in their own language through the use of SIX dots!

    Counterintuitive Predictions
    -Can be true or false, reasonable or unreasonable, or good/ethical or bad/unethical


  18. kilotoon says:

    We did a riddle based on Braille

    – There’s a pattern on the 1st row on the alphabet a-j, it’s used for all of the rest of the letters besides W
    – It makes no sense for there to be braille at a drive-thru window

    Counterintuitive Predictions In class Assignment
    Decide if you believe if the statements are:
    true/false, reasonable/unreasonable, right/wrong, and my summary

    Lastly, we spoke about mammograms and the morals of them.


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