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Pull down the menu to reveal the daily classroom Agendas.

3 Responses to Agendas

  1. pinkheart84 says:

    Class notes 1/17
    Hypothesis should be something that you find interesting
    Begin developing counterintuitive hypothesis
    Hypothesis is due Tuesday, January 24
    Blog activity needs to be kept anonymous
    Canvas is only to look at grades
    Work and deadlines are on blog
    Notes will be in the replies and is a participation grade
    Get started on assignment due next week, “My Hypothesis”


    • davidbdale says:

      I’m impressed that you decided to leave Notes here, pinkheart, but they’re out of place. Put daily Notes on the specific Agenda Page for the day’s class. In this case, the notes belong:

      01 TUE JAN 17

      I should have been clearer.
      How’s your “My Hypothesis” going?


  2. queenrandom04 says:

    We started class by watching a video about an experiment with a chimpanzee memorizing with positive reinforcement. Hodges taught us about finding more meaningful means of research rather than the first source of information we find while looking. Not to look for research that so directly correlates to what we’re already trying to find. That the true value of research is learning more about your topic in general. We continued with a tutorial about how to correctly label assignments on the website. Making sure it has the name of the assignment, your username, and no tags. The only time we won’t follow this layout is for our portfolio. We continue with more instructions on how to navigate the website. Learning how to ask for feedback by adding the post to the ‘ask for feedback’ category while in editing. We continued to learn how to figure out if our hypothesis was specific enough to choose as a research topic. He then taught us about the online resource we have from the school to find and use resources we’d only have access to otherwise behind paywalls. We had a riddle about race vs. nationality with Denzel Washington and Charlize Thereon. He then gave us instructions on how to properly create a meaningful summary that does more than recall the events that happened and actually adds context, value, and thoughts. We learned about the white paper method, a method of research and collection. Keeping all of the research in the same place. Having the link to the research and a meaningful summary that you can later look over and refresh your memory about. The white paper doesn’t need to be formal but it does need to be organized.


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