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This ad starts off showing the back of a little girl or youngest daughter with two braided pig tails walking into what seems to be the master bedroom of the house. This clip was very short before the camera switched to a close up to a little girls face who looked annoyed and impatient staring at something that was a little bit to the right of the cameras location. Giving the impression she was trying to get the attention of something in the bedroom. The next shot was a mother gasping and looking to her right at an alarm clock on the night stand, causing her to shoot out of bed, and give her husband a shove to awake him soon after she realized what time it had been. The husband in the clip opened his eyes quickly to the sudden aggression and seemed to almost roll of the bed before the scene cut off and switched to a separate bedroom. This first clip tells us as an audience that the ad is going to show the family rushing around to get out the door efficiently and on time.


            The next three seconds show the father in what seems to be his tween son’s bedroom. The bedroom is painted blue with different posters and metals that scattered yet fill the walls of the bedroom. There is an astrology project of some sort that is hanging from his ceiling, crutches leaning against the wall, clothes on his bedroom floor, and different sports balls being held in a wooden box next to his bright blue nightstand that only is used to hold a lamp, extra books and a trophy. His bed is in the left corner of his room from our perspective in the doorway, with his window to be to the right of the bed. The father in the commercial stands by the window calmy, and opens the blinds indicating for his son to know its time to get out of bed. As he goes to walk away, the son’s immediate response was to quickly close the blinds with his eyes squinted shut that his father had just opened. His father just turned back around and looked back and the closed blinds he just opened before it cut to the next clip.


Next as an audience we are staring down at a bowl of cereal while a splash of milk gets poured into the bowl before the camera cuts to an angle that shows the doorframe to the kitchen and the activity that is going on inside of it. The father is standing in his robe while he pulls the milk carton away from the cereal and inspecting the inside of it realizing it is empty and there was not even enough to fill up once bowl of cereal. He slumps his shoulders and tilts his head back in annoyance while staring in front of him with a look of disbelief on his face. While the father comes to this realization, his youngest daughter is dancing carelessly around the kitchen in her pajamas.


            The mother in the ad is on her knees in the middle of a hallway rummaging through a large pile of shoes quickly with a stressful look plastered across her face. Her oldest daughter is standing in a doorframe to her right holding one of her cleats while looking down at her mother who is vigorously searching for the other one. When the mother pulls her hand out of the pile holding up the matching cleat happily, her daughter grabs it from her hand and turns around and walks away leaving her mother on the floor buried in a large pile of shoes. The mother throws her hands up and gives her daughter a specific look that indicates she was expecting a thank you but did not get one.


The camera switches to another situation that is going on in the house, which is the father taking a load of pink laundry out of the dryer with concern while plopping it onto the door of the open dryer and inspecting it. It then cuts to a little boy/youngest son, who is looking at his father take the pink clothes out of the dryer in the narrow laundry room. It cuts back to the father who is peeling off a bright red sock that was stuck to a men’s dress shirt. This indicates that the laundry was supposed to be white, but the red sock turned everyone’s clothes for the day pink. His mouth was slightly open in disbelief while looking at the sock and shirt to make sure if what he was seeing was really happening.  


            The last clip shows the family in their car starting at the back row and having the camera back up to show the three rows and all family members in the car. It started in the third row with the oldest son and oldest daughter buckling their seatbelts in all pink outfits, next it shows the youngest daughter and son who are smiling nodding their heads at their father who is looking back at them, also all in fully pink outfits. Once the camera gets to the front of the car, it shows the mother buckling her seatbelt before her and her husband make reassuring eye contact and nod their heads indicating that they were all ready to go, again in all pink outfits.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Before I can react to this post with feedback, advice, comments, or a grade, I’ll need a link to the video, please, RowanLuver. Thanks!


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