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Surprisingly, even the most brilliant doctors are more human than we think they are. Medical professionals study extensive hours to become who they are today (Doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc.). These people specialize in the study of the human body and other medical diagnosis.  They are expected to uphold a certain standard on the quality of their performance. Medical personnel often go out of their way to give patients the best quality service possible; however, these “experts” make mistakes as well. These mistakes can be minor or major and some can be life threatening. In over the last couple of decades, accountability has been a big issue. Should doctors be accountable for their mistakes or should they be pardoned? Study shows that Doctors are not improving their skills because there is no visible punishment for them; also, there are no expectations set upon some medical personnel. In result, medical personnel will give the minimum quality service possible. The patient to Doctor relationship is not established and this creates a tough environment for the patient. As a patient, we want to be as comfortable as possible and trust our doctor to give us the best care. However, the trust in doctors have diminished greatly because of the mistakes and minimum effort the doctors put in. If doctors are accountable for their mistakes, the quality of their performance will rise and the amount of mistakes they make would be less.

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