Rebuttal Exercise – bj112295

  • Katherine and Ronnie make a good reasoning unto why Ag Gag laws should be put to a stop, but they really do not  fight for why they would like the laws to be released. If the Ag Gag laws exist in only these six states maybe there is an agreeable reasoning to why they are in these states. All though it is upsetting seeing the mistreatment of animals, isn’t it sad when we humans kill a flying bug or mosquito, or kill a mouse because it is a pest? Or because they are so small and really do not matter to the human mind ; that we really do not care because we have no use for these species. I agree that Ag- Gag laws should be put to a stop, but we also need meat in our bodies, we could take care of the animals in a healthier way let them grow healthy and strong, put them to sleep then cut open there meats in a clean and safe environment.
  • Congress state a good point with explaining the dangers of Ag Gag. The one that sticks out to me the most is Food Safety. The safety of our food is important. If it is not being properly handled then there should be no killing of animals. I do not want to eat diseased, aerated, not clean meat. After reviewing this article I can see that we are not only harming the animal species but we are harming ourselves and should really come up with a clean and healthier way to get our meats.
  •  The people going in with these cameras to uncover the horror behind the walls of these factories are brave. They are for the protection and healthier treatment of our animals. They may be spies but they are a great spy to protect our business from undercover activities.
  • Even our dairy products are being messed with in a way that can harm our bodies. We are feeding the animals that we receive our dairy products from unhealthy food. Then the turn out is bad unhealthy dairy products for us human beings.

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