Summaries- Luckyleprechaun1

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It seems counterintuitive that mathematics, a highly structured and rigorous discipline, could be considered a creative art. But this is precisley what is is argued by P. R. Halmos in his essay “Mathematics as A Creative Art” and I could not agree with him more. Engaging in mathematics throughout high school was refreshing and never dull for me. Not because of the problem solving that was involved but because of what I learned about that universe from solving those problems.

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1 Response to Summaries- Luckyleprechaun1

  1. davidbdale says:

    Good start, luckyleprechaun, but it’s light by two summaries. Keep working on this until class this morning.

    Summary 1. Brevity is a virtue but only when it achieves thoroughness and clarity. You most likely have not said all there is to say on your wide topic (“I found math entertaining.”). You’re also less than clear. Find specific, not general ways to say: “problem solving,” and “what I learned.”


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