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                        Vitamins Are Deadly

Millions of Americans take various multivitamins everyday unaware of the risks. Not only are vitamins scientifically proven to commonly do more harm than good, including small but essentially harmless side effects such as stomach ache, and fever among other things. Multivitamins have no positive effects on preventing cancer and in some cases may cause disease or cancer. That’s saying something because multivitamins are obviously supposed to be helping.

Doing more harm than good is what’s used to describe vitamins and I believe that’s an understatement. Calcium, for example, is one of the most common supplements taken daily. Calcium in the right doses can be good for your body and it helps build strong bones. But Dr. Young from the center for integrative medicine did a specific study on calcium and the results are disturbing.“More and more studies are showing increased risks for heart attack and stroke among men and women taking calcium 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams (mg) per day as directed,” says Dr. Young. Heart attacks and strokes are among the leading causes of death among Americans and a simple multivitamin may be helping cause them.

Another way multivitamins can be harmful is when people continue to take synthetic versions rather than the natural version. This commonly happens with vitamin D.Vitamin D strengthens the immune system and boosts immunity which can be very helpful. Although when you take too much or take the synthetic version it actually causes muscle pain, mood disorders, abdominal pain and kidney stones. It may also increase risk for heart attack and stroke. So here we are, back to having heart attack and strokes from multivitamins. “Most reports of toxicity involve patients taking synthetic vitamin D2, so we prescribe natural vitamin D3,” says Dr. Young. Although the natural version of vitamin D may not be as harmful as calcium, the synthetic version can be just as harmful.

Making sure you body receives the right vitamins and nutrients is key to a healthy body and life. That doesn’t mean taking vitamin tablets daily is the option. Receiving these nutrients through a healthy diet is a much better option. Using fruits, vegetables, and whole foods is the way to positively gain all the nutrients your body needs. If everyone does their research on how harmful these vitamins can be, America would save a lot of money.

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