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Rape victims are always raped twice. First they are physically raped, then they are raped emotionally by the justice system and society. After experiencing the devastation of rape, victims often confide in an authority in hopes that their grievance will be addressed and their attacker be punished. Instead of being relieved by the actions of the justice system, victims are shamed and blamed for being victims. After going through such a traumatic experience, victims are scared and often feel alone. Help and answers are often sought after but instead victims receive ridicule. The long term effects of emotional rape surpass the physical action, causing depression, anxiety, and a lack of self worth.

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I'm short and awkward and I love America more than any 20 year old girl should.
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2 Responses to open strong- haveanelephantasticday

  1. haveanelephantasticday says:

    feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Hello again, elephantastic. How was Thanksgiving?

    This is very strong material, well handled. It’s balanced and logical. It covers the needed ground. If I have a quibble—and I always do—it’s that reading the paragraph feels like riding a seesaw. Every sentence rocks up and down on a pivot.

    Rape victims are raped twice
    physically raped, then emotionally raped
    They experience the devastation of rape
    but they get no redress for their grievance
    Instead of justice
    they are shamed and blamed
    They undergo the trauma
    but they’re scared and alone
    They look for answers
    but receive ridicule instead

    Such patterns aren’t necessarily recognized by readers, but they do affect the reading. Unless you deliberately created this pattern for a purpose, you might want to make some alterations that improve the flow of the logic.

    Worth considering or have you had enough of these very close readings?

    Reply, please.


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