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Mass Shootings occur because guns are too easy to attain by United States standards. To obtain a gun all people have to do is pass a background check and they will be able to obtain any gun that they desire. Most people purchase guns because they have the intention of defending themselves. The other small majority of people that own guns because they have the intention of doing harm to others. In this case the background check has failed and as a result there is a mass shooting. There have been numerous times where the background check as failed and as result there has been a mass shooting. There are three specific reasons as to why background checks fail. The reasons include “failure to disclose a criminal record, inaccurate or incomplete work history and fictitious education claims.” (Medina) Just a few months back, the FBI had declared that the background check had failed for the Charleston shooting. They concluded the shooter should not have been allowed to purchase a firearm. The shooter had a criminal history but it never had shown on any of his records. “The gun dealers never heard back from the FBI” and as a result, the shooter was allowed to buy the gun. (Johnson) This type of situation refers back to the failure to disclose a criminal record. Background checks need to be stricter and need to have more qualifications so it can lessen the likelihood of maniacs getting their hands on firearms. This event was so big that even South Jersey churches are raising awareness about “open door policies and background checks against people.” (Flowers) If there were stricter background checks then there would be less mass shootings that occur.


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