Visual – Kilotoon

0:00 – 0:03

The first shot of the video displays two warriors riding horseback. The scenery seems as if it were taken right in the wild west. In the back there are trees, both dead and alive, along with a large mountain and hills of orange-brownish dirt. The warriors look as if they are in a combat zone due to the scene making it look as if they are in an arena surrounded by metal poles, similar to what cattle are held in. The warriors are wearing shiny silver armour, and are both armed with sharp sword-like blades. They are both wearing shiny silver helmets to match the armour, while the horses are wearing gold and brown warrior helmets. All of these details are definitely to set the mood of the audience to expect a brawl, as it is clear they are in the environment and equipment to do so.

0:03 – 0:06

This time stamp begins with one of the warriors taking his long silver sword-like weapon and crossing it across his chest, which seems as if he is preparing for an engagement to battle. Upon doing that, the warrior seems calm and collected, almost as if he or she is ready and prepared to engage in the fight. Up to the 6th second, the producer is definitely placing the warriors and the scenery in a sequence where it is clear to the audience that these two warriors and going to fight to the death, given the weapon of choice. The warrior is seeming all calm and collected, sitting horseback almost as if he was sitting on his couch at home watching television. It is almost clear that these warriors have trained for this moment, as anybody else would be petrified to go to battle on horseback with swords and nobody around them incase something happens. The scene is calm, almost as if it is preparing the audience to witness the fight happen at any moment.

0:06 – 0:08

In this scene, the horses are revving their dark brown hooves in the brown, yet orange-ish dirt. They are revving their hooves as if they are about to charge at each other, as the dust is flying back after every movement of the hoof. The producer definitely created this time stamp to demonstrate the build-up of tension in the scene, keeping the audience on their toes, ready to see the horses and warriors charge at each other. It is definitely an expectation set by the time stamps thus far that the warriors are ready and focused on what outcome will soon be bestowed upon them.

0:08 – 0:011

This time stamp displays the camera initiating a close up view on the warrior’s helmet. This, again, was to definitely demonstrate the immense focus from the warriors, who are obviously prepared and ready to risk their lives and fight to the death in the upcoming battle. As stated previously, the producer is creating a lot of tension by continually showing the focus of the warriors, keeping us on edge as we know the brawl is about to commence.

0:12 – 0:15

This time stamp explains the producer’s choice to build up tension throughout the beginning, as it starts out with one of the warriors on his iphone, in an texting conversation with somebody. Back and forth you see the green and grey boxed messages, displaying the distraction of the warrior. While heavily distracted by the little phone, the horse with the gold and brown cape is seen to stop the revving of its hoof, and begin charging. It takes off towards the other horse who is wearing a blue and white cape, holding the other warrior. I believe this tamp stamp was produced to create worry amongst the audience, as it is clear the warrior with the phone was more than distracted by texting, and is not prepared for what is inevitably about to occur.

0:16 – 0:18

This time stamp begins with the warrior in blue and white charging in the other warrior’s general direction. Instead of a visible sword, all that the warrior seems to be wielding is his or her’s tiny black iphone. On the other side, the other warrior and his or her horse in a gold and brown cape are charging at the one in the blue and white cape. The difference is that the warrior in gold and brown is wielding his sharp sword-like weapon. The scene cuts out into a black screen right before the two warriors make contact. Due to the first warrior being distracted, it is clear that he or she has now engaged in a life-threatening scenario and lost their ability to come out on top due to the distraction of them texting. It is clear that the producer has shown that whatever the texting conversation was about on the phone, it was not nearly as important as being aware and ready for what was about to happen. Because of texting, the warrior has definitely been killed in the fight by the warrior with the sword, as it is not reasonable to assume a warrior wielding a phone came out on top over one with a sword.

0:19 – 0:23

Immediately following the tense switch-up of the camera from a tension-filled scene to a blank black screen, the anticipated message of the advertisement became visible to the audience in white text and an old-school font. It read “Don’t text and ride”, which instantly makes me realize the producer was tying the meaning of the commercial to a real life situation that is common among thousands every day: texting and driving. Then, as expected, the word “Ride” dropped downward out of the frame and was replaced by a falling white word in the same font that read “Drive”.

0:24 – 0:27

The entire statement in the previous time stamp was completely gone, and, almost instantaneously, was replaced by another statement in the same font and color. It read “It’s Joust Not Worth It”. This was a clever pun by the producer, as the word ‘joust’ means for two medieval warriors to fight horseback with weapons. The clever pun was the word ‘joust’ being used instead of just, ultimately showing the audience that it’s never worth it to text while driving, as driving can turn into a life-threatening situation ,much like a joust, in an instant.

0:27 – 0:31

The entire scene changes into one that hasn’t been shown previously. On the black screen, there is a moving jagged line that most definitely represents a moving road. Above that, there is an advertisement to visit the website of the organization that created the ad in yellow and white text to match the road. The website read StopTextsStopWrecks.Org, with both of the words that read Stop are yellow to draw attention to it. Lastly, there are 3 symbols on the bottom that advertise 3 different organizations. All three are centered in the middle, and are right next to each other. On the bottom left, it reads “ad council” in a small white box and black lettering. In yellow, to the right of that, it reads project yellow light, which is definitely an organization that glorifies not driving at fast speeds. On the right, in blue lettering, is an organization that reads NHTSA.

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