A10: Definition Rewrite

Are you Natural? Is that Natural? What is Natural? African american women deem the term natural to be described in many ways so that there cannot be one definitive description of the word. Being natural can mean wearing your hair with no extensions or relaxers, but also isn’t the hair that women use for extensions natural human hair? So, what does natural really mean?

When thinking of the term Natural your mind automatically thinks of Afros, long curly hair with no chemicals or no extensions just your hair. Well it does mean that. Being natural in the African american community shows that you have a strong meaning in life; you want to represent yourself as a strong black women. The self confidence you have in yourself is at an all time high. Wearing your hair natural is the way to go now in present times. The women who use relaxer and wear weave are considered un-natural.

African american women who wear weave or relaxer in my eyes can be categorized as natural too. When using relaxer you are simply straightening the curls of your natural hair so that it looks nice. Women that wear weave are using the natural human hair of other human beings so why can’t they be apart of the natural movement? They’re using natural human hair. to the naturalist it does not count, but to the Non-Naturalist they bought it and it is natural hair from another humans head. It seems natural, but is it?

Natural can be described in many ways and seen or looked at in many ways. That is why the term really cannot be defined or explained in my eyes. There are many forms of natural not just dealing with hair, but foods, bodies, plants, animals etc. Natural is a broad term that keeps evolving with time and will never clearly have a simple definition.

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