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Within the first second we are shown milk and being poured into a glass bowl of cereal, it portrays an average morning that starts with breakfast. In the second second we see a man in a robe looking into the milk carton because it seems to be empty. Simultaneously, hey girl, who is most likely’s daughter, is dancing around kitchen. In the third second the screen flashes to a woman doing laundry, but in second five we seen that it is also the father doing laundry. His son walks up to him with a concerned look draped over his face. In second six and seven the father realizes that he accidentally died the family’s clothes pink. In seconds eight through ten it is shown that the family is making dew and making the best out of a slightly embarrassing situation, but they are happy to do this as they are all bearing smiles while they buckle up their seat belts.

This makes me and for that the commercial is portraying little inconveniences as an entirely trivial because the safety of the family is imperative. This is shown in the car we’re all family members are happy buckling up because as long as their families okay everything else is too. This is also shown when the father experiences a minor problem with the amount of milk left in the house. Him seeing his daughter so happy made that inconvenience trivial because he knew his daughter’s safety and happiness was well fortified, thus making him happier than if he had milk in the first place.

Child Care Safety l Hustle Spanish :15

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