Visual Rewrite

0:12 – 0:13
We see a young man entering a vehicle. Judging by the video quality, hairstyles, and dress sense, we can infer that this film takes place more than ten years ago. The man in the driver seat of the vehicle is wearing a football varsity jacket like those we associate with the 1950s and 1960s, and appears to be holding a dark brown glass bottle like those that commonly hold beer. At 0:13 it becomes apparent that he’s giving the bottle to his passenger who now appears to be holding two — she was holding one of her own, potentially implying that they’ve all been drinking.

The camera is now shooting from the backseat, where someone (presumably the would-be driver’s friend) is leaning over the driver’s seat with a concerned look on his face. Bearing in mind the beer and the fact that this is an Ad Council PSA, the first thing that comes to mind is that he’s cautioning his friend against driving drunk.

0:15 – 0:16
The driver is now looking back at the man who was talking to him before, and the passenger appears to be listening intently. The passenger’s expression has not changed.

The camera pans back to the driver’s face, whose expression makes us think the man is obviously intoxicated. We also see the friend in the background, who still seems unconvinced by whatever the driver said in the previous shot.

However, as the camera again shows us the backseat, we see the friend easing back into his seat — either he believes the driver or his qualms aren’t significant enough to pursue past that point. We also now get a glimpse of the woman sitting in the rear passenger-side seat, whose facial expression seems fairly unaffected; either she hasn’t noticed the driver’s intoxication or she doesn’t care.

As the camera pans up, we get a view of the backseat more clearly. The woman in the back is smiling and laughing, the man in the back appears resigned to the situation as he shrugs and smiles, and the driver begins to raise his arm as if to grasp the steering wheel.

We can see the man in the backseat smiling with his arm around his seatmate as the camera pans up to the driver. We can see one hand on the wheel as he reaches down, presumably to start the car.

He is indeed going to start the car. We see his hand with a key in it reaching toward the ignition. He inserts his key, turns it, and suddenly we see a huge flash of light.

Well, that escalated quickly. We see the backseat of what we can presume to be the same car, only now instead of two attractive young folk we now see skeletons, dressed in a style that is conspicuously similar to the styles of dress of our two protagonists who occupied the backseat.

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