Visual Rewrite—SayCheese

0:00-0:01: The beginning scene of the video shows 4 people: 2 adults and 2 children. It is inferred that these people are a family since not only are they carrying the children, but they are holding strollers and baby toys. Also, it looks as if the family is waiting for something or looking for something since they are making puzzled faces. We can assume they are waiting for a ride or a car because they are facing the opposite of the house which is normally a street.

0:01-0:02: Family starts to walk towards something away from the house most likely a ride or car showing up. One of the little girls is smiling looking up at the man and he is looking at her clearly listening to a story she was telling him. More of the house is shown with more bushes and

0:02-0:03: Starts zooming in on the woman’s face she seems to be thinking about something. The video then zooms out to show the parents of the family clearly overwhelmed with all the items they are carrying plus their two children.

0:03-0:04: The video starts with the family still overwhelmed walking further away from the house. Then cuts to one of the little girls who was holding the father’s hand and starts to reach for one of the toys that she takes an interest in. The toy is a few rings connected that are hanging off on the father’s backpack.

0:04-0:06: The Girl looks like she mouths the word please as she proceeds to pull the rings. This causes the father to drop everything he was holding and everything that was in the bag. The child also finds it humorous because she has a devious smile.      

0:06-0:08: The mother now is very distressed from the look on her face she readjusts her baby as she starts to drop a lot of the items she’s holding.  

0:08-0:10: Zooms in on father’s face as he is visibly annoyed, and he catches the bag that was falling off his shoulder.

0:10-0:11: The child is still pulling on the rings that are hanging from the father’s bag. The father is also trying to eat something as it zooms out and shows both the mom and father stumbling with all the items they have on their person.

0:11-0:13: cuts to father bending down to pick up some of the things he dropped we are shown a little walkway that leads to a driveway with grass surrounding it.

0:13-0:15: we are finally shown what the family was walking towards which is a black minivan the children look very happy to see the car and start dropping their belongings on the sidewalk next to the car.

0:15-0:19: the mother and father put down most of their belongings and put their children in the car the father fastens the baby seat seatbelt of the child he was with from the beginning ensuring that they are safe. The little girl is also eating what looks to be Cheerios.

0:19-0:22: The little girl while laughing throws the Cheerios all over her dad while in the car which

0:22-0:23: the camera cuts to the other side of the car showing the mother buckling the younger child in. trying to show the importance of buckling in children before anything else to do with driving.

0:26-0:31: Cuts to the NHTSA that says the right seat.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I renamed this post and moved it to the Visual Rewrite category, SayCheese. Feedback (if requested) and Revisions will take place here. This post will become part of your Portfolio. The Visual Rhetoric post (if you create one) will not.


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