Summaries – cherries

It seems counterintuitive to give addicts access to drugs. In vancouver they have started a program where heroin addicts can go shoot up with a nurse supervising so they don’t overdose and they won’t get arrested. They are just allowing these people to kill themselves legally instead of offering more resources on how to get clean. They are providing these people who are so far gone in their addiction clean needles, antiseptic wipes, and the best heroin. It’s not helping, it is just enabling their addiction.

It seems counterintuitive that the system that is meant to protect you is actually harming you. These home security systems are good for physical home invasions and things like that, but the technology is getting out of control. An example of this would be the use of Ring cameras. Sure, they can see if anyone suspicious or out of the ordinary and can help identify them. The downside is that they are easily hacked and that takes away the main reason it’s used, which is for safety.

It seems counterintuitive to baptize someone who has already passed. Anne Frank, a young jewish girl who died in the Holocaust has been baptized multiple times into the Mormon church. It seems not only disrespectful to her memory but also to the tragedy that was the holocaust. She died because she chose to keep her religion and someone else trying to take that away is vile. Other holocaust survivors have asked the church not to do this and they continue to do so. It is disrespectful and should be dealt with more seriously.   

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