E12: How to Open – bj112295

You gotta fight!, For your right!, to be Natural!!

My friends Leroy and Tommy go on Tindr a dating app used to find women of their liking based on a photograph.Leroy swipes right when he sees a women who wears their hair natural because it symbolizes self-acceptance and strength.Tommy tends to swipe left when he sees women wearing their hair natural because Tommy would rather have  a women who has less self acceptance but is beautiful and fits into society. Point being today in the community of African American women there is a divide on whether to choose to wear their hair Natural or Non-Natural. This argument is huge, celebrities like Erykah Badu are involved serving as a leader in the movement. From the start of the movement in the late 1800s, this issue has grown in the African American Community, from the creation of relaxer by Garrett A. Morgan to the industrialization of chemical hair products. A lot of Non- Naturalist have so many reasons to wearing their hair as they do, one of them being so they can fit the European standards and look acceptable to our society. African American males seem to be agreeing equally with how their wives choose to up-do their hairstyles, some like them natural, some like them non-natural, and some just do not care. Times are changing for the movement, now in present days Natural hair has a much more powerful standpoint in the political argument then they did 20 years ago when the Non- Naturalist were on the winning side. As we continue on with my research you will see how time, looks, and thoughts are a huge part of the movement.

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