Visual Rewrite- blueee

0.01- The video begins with a woman and man walking on what looks like a path. The woman is looking at the man and is speaking to him. They don’t seem to be a couple because there is some distance between them. It is sunny out and there is trees on the sides of the path.

0.03- The woman has a smile, looking as if she enjoys the company of the man.

0.04- The view is changed and now looks to be as the woman is being interviewed, she’s looking directly at the camera. The scenery has changed and is now in either her home or someone else’s.

0.06-The camera is now showing us small military statues and a flag on maybe a bookshelf, this tells us someone in the household was once in the military or may know someone in the military.

0.08- The cameraman then switches to show us a picture on the wall. The picture is of two males wearing U.S Army uniform. One of the men looks like the man shown in the beginning of this video. He seems to have retired from the army and embraces his time served by decorating his home with it.

0.10- There is a closeup of the man now, he looks like he may be in his late 30s or early 40s. He seems to be looking down at something.

0.13- The woman is still talking but the angel has changed and her attention has changed too, she now seems to be looking at someone other than the cameraman. As she speaks, she uses her hands.

0.15- The same woman is now sitting in a rocking chair reading a book, she looks to be in a different room.

0.21- The video is showing the woman and man walking down the path again but this this the camera is closer and they are both looking to their right, the woman smiling. They are also holding hands indicating that they are a couple.

0.22-0.30 The last bit of the video is a screen that advertises the AARP caregiving.

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  1. blueee04 says:

    Could you please grade this? Thank you!


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