Practice Opening—nugget

The spread of Polio has been something the world has been watching for generations now. We know there are certain vaccinations we can take and steps we can follow to be sure we avoid contracting this illness but we in America are so lucky to be able to day that. Other countries are not as lucky with this and are still being affected in he past decade tremendously. From Syria to Iraq individuals worry there is not enough in place to eradicate this illness entirely. It is seeming to affect young children the most and can cause things as bad as paralysis in these young individuals. The outbreak took citizens by surprise and had them quickly trying to find ways to fix it. One thing they came up with is expediting vaccinations to their citizens especially those more affected. The alarming spread has other countries jumping on the immunization boost bandwagon to attempt and keep themselves safe from this disease. Countries are constantly trying to find ways to eradicate the Polio illness entirely.

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