Fair Warning II

Several of you have not been posting Portfolio Assignments to the blog anywhere near timely. Some of you, one class meeting from the end of the semester, have not posted a single Portfolio argument.

There is no way for you to pass this course
if you haven’t posted your short arguments yet.

This is not the first time you are hearing this news. Since the first day of class, when we reviewed the essentials of the Syllabus, you have been told in several ways that the primary methodology of the course is to post short arguments, RECEIVE AND RESPOND TO FEEDBACK, revise the first drafts in Rewrite posts, and repeat the process until the resulting improved arguments are ready to export to the Portfolio. Here is some of that language:


The First-Year Writing Program values writing as process as much as product, and strongly emphasizes revision and self-reflection as part of this process.

To emphasize the recursive and social nature of academic writing,
you will be required to submit your work when due
to critique and review by your professor and your classmates.
Showing improvement from your early drafts to your finished portfolio
is a critical component of your coursework
and the basis on which your grades will be evaluated.
No portfolio that does not demonstrate a systematic appraisal
and revision process can earn a passing grade. 

Your Final Portfolio will be a collection of your formal work that demonstrates
your engagement in the writing process
It will be a digital document collected on the blog. It will include:

Two short formal polished Arguments (one each Categorical, Causal, or Refutation)
along with Drafts and Revisions of those two short Arguments

Keep in mind that I pay close attention
to the quality of revision in the Final Portfolio.

Portfolio Assignments:
The Short Arguments and other Portfolio items will undergo revisions
during the semester, so grade penalties and deadlines are somewhat flexible.

One thing is certain:
Portfolio materials MUST be available for professor feedback
and student revision WELL BEFORE the end of the semester.
No student can pass the course whose work has not been reviewed
early in the semester and thoroughly revised in response to feedback.
The penalty, therefore, for repeated failure to post drafts and revisions timely
will be a grade of F.

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