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  1. KERR, Z. , LINCOLN, A. , DODGE, T. , YEARGIN, S. , COVASSIN, T. , NITTOLI, V. , MENSCH, J. , ROOS, K. , DOMPIER, T. & CASWELL, S. (2018) . Epidemiology of Youth Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse Injuries in the 2015 to 2016 Seasons. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 50 (2), 284-291. doi: 10.1249/MSS.0000000000001422.
    1. This article is the results of an observational study done prior or in the year 2018. Where multiple contributors had compiled a list of injury possibility percentages of the different types of injuries that can happen in both men’s vs women’s lacrosse. The conclusion of the study was that men’s lacrosse has a higher chance of injury than women’s, due to the heavey contact between sticks.
    2. I used this article to enhance the idea that increasing the padding leads to more injuries and that this is one of the ways men win games. Injuring their opponents in order to retrieve the ball and score. This brutal behavior is the reason why women’s lacrosse is better, women do not need to rely on injuring their opponent. 
  2. World Lacrosse Women’s Rules Sub Committee. (2021, February). CLARIFICATION FOR WOMEN’S RULE BOOK, 2019-2020 [Memo]. 
    1. The Clarification for Women’s Rule Book is a rule book for women’s lacrosse that is updated yearly to any changes the committee decides. This is the entire rules of women’s lacrosse, to the meaning behind each term used during the game to the “do’s and don’ts” of lacrosse. This is the 2019 to 2021 edition of the women’s rule book.
    2. I have used this article to clarify rules and terms to the readers, in order for them to understand what I am trying to argue, they must know how lacrosse works.
  3. NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee, & Scroggs, W. (2019). 2019 and 2020 NCAA MEN’S LACROSSE RULES AND INTERPRETATIONS (A. Supergan, Ed.). NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION.  
    1. This book is the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules and Interpretations of the 2019 and 2020 rules, not fully updated for the year 2021. Regardless this book gives the reader an idea of how men’s lacrosse works, just like the women’s rule book. Clarifying terminology and rules for those who do not know how lacrosse works.
    2. This book was also used as a clarification for the readers in order for them to fully understand the point I am trying to get across. Without fully explaining the differences between the men and women’s lacrosse, it would be hard to argue why one is better than the other.
  4. Dymowski, C. (2016, April 20). Lacrosse has different rules for men and women. The Ithacan. 
    1. This article from The Ithacan, a student run newspaper of Ithaca College, was written by Cal Dymowski where he highlighted the difference between men’s and women’s lacrosse rules. Going over the basic differences and how some of the athletes and coaches feel about the differences.
    2. I used this article to support the idea that men’s lacrosse is favored more solely due to the high levels of contact. Using the testimony of the people interviewed in the article to support the fact that women’s lacrosse is less popular.
  5. Carey, J. (2012). New directions of play: Native American origins of modern lacrosse (Order No. 1518272). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (1039261901). Retrieved from
    1. Jeff Carey, the author of this article states that this thesis is to educate the readers about the history of lacrosse from the seventeenth century up until the early twentieth century. Lacrosse used to be a Native American sport that had been adapted and passed on through the years, becoming what we see today.
    2. This allowed me to introduce lacrosse from what it was originally and how women started to get involved. Explaining that even in the past the hurdles to play the game were around from the beginning of women’s lacrosse.
  6. Claydon, J. (Ed.). (2021). Origin of Men’s Lacrosse. World Lacrosse.
    1. Jane Claydon was another author that wrote about the native americans and more specifically the logistics of the game. Talking about how the goals were “500 yards to several miles apart” and that there can be between 100 and 100,000 men playing at once. Give details about equipment and the englishmen who watched and adapted the game
    2. This was also used to introduce the game to readers, give a fun little history lesson about the game, that I thought would be nice to throw in.
  7. Hamilton, M. (2017, August 28). Lacrosse Has Untapped Potential as TV Sport, ESPN Producer Says. USA Lacrosse Magazine. 
    1. Hamilton’s article talks about how the men’s lacrosse tournaments have drawn more viewers than women’s. He discusses possible reasons for the lack of viewers in the overall sport and why some are more popular than others due to the easy to follow ball.
    2. I use this to show the difference in viewers as well as popularity due to the physicality of the sport. Compared to other sports mens is one of the smaller yet due to contact sports being the top sports for a majority of viewers it is easy to assume that people are drawn to more physical sports, since they have high stakes. As well as more entertainment and better flow.
  8. Sanches, M. (2017, April 12). Women’s and Men’s Lacrosse: Same Name, Different Sports [Video]. Youtube.
    1. A video posted by Mayara Sanches posted a video talking about the difference between men and women’s lacrosse, mainly talking about the physicality of it. Members of the girls team talk about their opinion about helmets and physical contact. Coaches from both men’s and women’s state an opinion about how women’s is a strong sport without heavy amounts of contact.
    2. Focusing on the fact that women don’t want to sport to pressure for more gear but loosen their rules is a popular opinion among the lacrosse community. Even so, I talked about how even the male coach couldn’t imagine not hitting their opponents in defense. Giving the idea that women are better because they have found a way around the physical contact men use so heavily.
  9. Lacrosse All Stars. (2014, October 24). 2015 NCAA Faceoff Video – Notre Dame vs. Team USA – Lacrosse Best Moments [Video]. Youtube.
    1. A video by Lacrosse All Stars showed three to four draws in men’s lacrosse, the video is simply displaying the best draws from the 2015 NCAA Notre Dame vs Team USA game.
    2. This source was used as a reference for those who need a more in depth knowledge about draws. Since they can be difficult to put in words as someone who plays women, it allows the reader to visualize it better.
  10. Bell, R. C. (1998). A History of Women in Sport Prior to Title IX. The Sport Journal. 
    1. Richard C and others summarize the works of others in the article about how men dictated women’s physically active lives. Talking about how much a person should exert themselves and that they should only do certain activities if they are in a certain class in society.
    2. Dictating a woman’s life by giving them ideas and “facts” about the body and what to do and not to do when it comes to activities. How they get weakened once a month and that is a very crucial time to do nothing.
  11. CrashCourse, & Green, J. (2005, December 15). Women in the 19th Century: Crash Course US History #16 [Video]. Youtube.  
    1. John Green is the creator of CrashCourse, in the episode he talks about the nineteenth century of women’s rights and the changes throughout the years. He talks about the reform groups created in order to bring about change, as well as the treatment of women. How men were controlling every aspect of their lives and they had no control if something went wrong.
    2. I talked about how men had caused the women of today to still be discriminated against by creating these ideals that women can only handle so much and had a very simple role in life. Women back in the day had no way of supporting their family or had an escape from an abusive husband. Being trapped in a marriage due to the laws made against them, women had to make a stand, yet there is still a hold on how women should play.
  12. The United States Senate. (n.d.). Woman Suffrage Centennial [Lecture notes]. United States Senate.
    1. It is a short paragraph by the United States Senate detailing the dates and events that allowed women to vote in america. 
    2. This helps in the causal argument about men being the root of the problem, and how women fought to correct it but it’s still a factor in today’s society.
  13. Gough, C. (2021, September 23). Number of college sport scholarships available in the United States in 2020/21, by sport and gender [Fact sheet]. Statista. 
    1. A list compiled by Christina Gough is to show what sports give more than others, allows athletes to attempt to play multiple sports in order to receive scholarships for school and so on.
    2. I talked about how popular lacrosse has become and how it is one of the top sports when it comes to scholarships, not only is it a competitive sport but there is competition to be the best. 
  14. Blinder, A. (2021). Report: N.C.A.A. Prioritized Men’s Basketball ‘Over Everything Else’. The New York Times. 
    1.   This article by the New York Times is sadly not new news to women in sports, unequal treatment has been an issue for years. One basketball was treated drastically differently from the men’s team, “Food quality varied drastically, as did lounges for players and gift bags provided to participants.” This also happens in team gyms and so many other occasions across the sports community.
    2. I wanted to show that lacrosse is not the only sport that gets treated differently because there are women playing. This discrimination runs deep through the the big companies in charge of running the psorts world and it hurts to see this happen.

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