Core Value I. Understand that writing is a practice which involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process.

For a writer to get the best possible piece of writing they need to follow a process. When I wrote my Stone Money 1st draft, I knew it was not the best possible piece of writing that I could have written. This is the reason students need to use a multi-stage process. By using the necessary steps I was able to make the writing better. I was given feedback by my Professor and reread the essay myself and was able to finish with a great product.

Core Value II. Understand that close and critical reading/analysis allows writers to understand how and why texts create meaning.

Throughout this semester my Professor has helped me to realize some of my bad habits in my work. By critically reading my work and analyzing it, I was able to convey my ideas. I found many words that helped to broaden my vocabulary and give my writings a higher quality that I didn’t know it had. In my Casual Argument Rewrite assignment I was convey my argument by using statistics, strong ideas and good vocabulary.

Core Value III. Understand that writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context.

A writers first thoughts that should come to their mind are, who the audience is, the purpose and the context. By collecting this information a writer will find the necessary guidelines for their paper. In my Definition Argument Rewrite there is a clear answer to all of these questions we must ask as writers. My audience was anyone who wanted to be informed of the costs of the death penalty compared to a life sentence. The context of my writing was to inform the reader of the benefits and costs of not using the death penalty.

Core Value IV: Understand the role of information literacy in the practice of writing.

Finding information to back what a student is writing about should be just as important as the writing itself. The information must be credible and the student must be careful not to plagiarize the writers work. In order for a writer to compose a research paper they had to make a annotated bibliography and a Proposal +10. These forced the class to find an abundance of credible sources and discuss how and why they would use them. In the end, this helped me to write the research paper tremendously.

Core Value V. Understand the ethical dimensions of writing.

As I entered college it was hammered into my head not to plagiarize other peoples’ work. I have since made it my mission not to accidentally plagiarize anyones work with the fear of being  penalized. In my annotated bibliography I pointed out my sources that I was using and how I intended to use them. The use of this bibliography ultimately made it less likely to plagiarize.

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3 Responses to Reflective–ohearnj8

  1. davidbdale says:

    Scour your paragraphs for illegal use of the banned 2nd person language, ohearnj8. Your post temporarily fails for grammar on the basis of several 2nd person phrases. You’re missing possessives in the final paragraph as well. Have someone else read the work if the errors don’t immediately pop out at you.

    And don’t make these mistakes on your Argument, please. There will be no feedback and no second chances on that post.

    You could use some cows and chips in your first and second paragraphs in particular. You say you “followed a process,” and made your essay better,’ but that’s unpersuasively vague.


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