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My Hypothesis- Disneylover2002

Autism Autism in children Catching autism in kids early on Catching autism in children at an early age will have good benefits  If doctors can detect autism in children while they are still very young, the child will not have … Continue reading

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Class Notes 9/16/21- Disneylover2002

Today in class, we talked about purposeful summaries. Purposeful summaries should not just summarize what you read; a purposeful summary should turn into an argument.  Don’t waste your time trying to write everything you see or hear on the outline. … Continue reading

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Practice Opening- Disneylover2002

The poliovirus will never be eradicated because countries do not trust the vaccine. Countries such as Nigeria do not trust that the vaccine is going to help them out. Nigeria believes that the vaccines are contaminated with other deadly diseases to … Continue reading

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Disneylover2002 Notes 09-09-2021

Today in class, we started by talking about what goes into our portfolio. We also discussed the grading scale and how our notes in class will be worth five percent of our grade. Taking notes in class allows us to … Continue reading

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