Definition Rewrite – thirdlady226

If happiness is our end goal, we need to get out there and make it happen.

Happiness doesn’t come about on its own. It is not an inherent trait. Humans are born with a desire to make something of ourselves, to leave our mark on the world. But as we grow up, this desire for a higher purpose can get lost in the noise and drudgery of everyday life, and a sense of restlessness or depression can take hold. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our lives and the path we walk are up to no one but us. The trick is figuring out what our passions are and what really makes us happy in life.

Everyone’s path to success and fulfillment is different. We each have a different calling, a different set of skills, different passions and personalities. Imagine with me for a moment two different scenarios. One woman is blessed with the talents of a being a great wife and mom. She finds joy in the everyday routine, her passion is providing for her family and being an encouragement to others. She is compassionate, loving and empathetic. She loves being around other people, and in blessing others she herself is blessed. Her passion and thusly her happiness come from the journey of life and each little joy that every new day brings.

The second woman found from an early age that she had an affinity for sports. Soccer especially has been her passion since she was very young. Each she day she rises early, makes healthy meals, plans ahead, trains, and practices. The routine is grueling, and she doesn’t find a lot of joy or happiness in repeating the process every day. She has one goal in mind: being a part of the NWSL. This goal fires her. She won’t stop till she achieves it. But what happens after she achieves this goal? The world is an open door. She will find something else that fires her and work towards it.

Whether we are goal-oriented, or journey-oriented, life holds meaning and purpose for every one of us. We just have to find what ignites that passion within us and go for it.

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