My Hypothesis – girlno3

  1. Technology is harmful to kids
  2. Excessive use of technology is harmful to kids
  3. Parents need to have more control over their children’s internet consumption
  4. Kids shouldn’t have unsupervised internet access
  5. Too much technology is harmful for children’s developing brains
  6. Excessive use of technology can cause children to develop shorter attention spans
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1 Response to My Hypothesis – girlno3

  1. davidbdale says:

    I suffer a little bit from ADHD myself, GirlNo3 (Attention Deficit “Hey, Donuts!”), so I’m sympathetic to your choice of topic; however . . . .

    I should make a list of the few topics I actively discourage students from choosing. This might top the list. It’s impossible (it seems) for students who write about social media and attention span to say ANYTHING at all fresh on the topic. Worse, it’s terribly tempting to cop every idea, even chunks of text, from the thousands of papers and popular press articles that have already covered the scourge of social media.

    At Google Scholar, I found more than 16,000 scholarly articles in response to a search for “social media” “attention span”:

    I surely won’t ask you to abandon the subject if it’s important to your intellectual curiosity, but I beg you to VERY SHORTLY find a really narrow specialized question to address to the academy.

    We can have that conversation here, or we can devote your Zoom Conference to it. But if we’re waiting until then, please come to the conference with some ideas of your own. Thanks!


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